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Blocks / Pulleys

Blocks and Pulleys

We sell a wide range of high quality blocks and pulleys made for use in a variety of lifting and handling situations.
Pulleys (also referred to as a sheave block or pulley block) can be used in a variety of configurations and make handling heavy goods much easier by way of requiring less force to pull, lift, lower or hold a heavy load. This reduces the risk of injury on the operator as it lessens the need for too much strenuous force in their work – they provide a mechanical advantage. Our varied range of high-quality pulleys are manufactured from strong, durable materials thus making them exceptionally safe and long-lasting.
A pulley system is used in conjunction with wire rope or other types of rigging/lifting ropes, by passing the rope through the pulley (around the sheave) once or several times before hooking to a load. The force required diminishes proportionately with the amount of pulleys or “Falls” used during the lift.

One important benefit of a Sheave block is that it has a side opening access point so you can install the rope at any point without the need of threading it through first.

We recommend a pulley to be at least a minimum of 12 x the rope diameter;
• eg. a 15mm Rope would require a minimum pulley of 180mm diameter. This is best practice and a recommendation of LEEA.

When using a sheave or pulley block please allow 10% reduction in your working load limit due to friction.
If you need any help selecting the correct products or equipment for you, please contact our experienced team for more information – either call us or use the contact forms on any of the product pages.

• Standards:
• Machinery Directive.
• Common Uses:
• Rope diversion
• Mechanical advantage - increasing the WLL
• Rope exit path changes