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Breathing Apparatus Masks

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Scott Promask Full FacePiece

Scott Promask Full FacePiece
£173.00 excl vat £163.00 excl vat

Scott Vision 3 Respirator

£173.00 excl vat

Drager (Draeger) Panorama Nova

Drager (Draeger) Panorama Nova
£232.45 excl vat £225.68 excl vat

Drager (Draeger) FPS 7000

Dräger FPS 7000 with Plug In Connector (EPDM)
£255.40 excl vat £236.00 excl vat

Breathing Apparatus Masks

When you are working in hazardous or contaminated environments that contain either toxic chemicals, smoke, particles or just an environment where the air is unbreathable you need a mask that you can rely on to keep you safe, able to breathe and that allows the best possible forward and peripheral vision.

We have 5 state of the art face masks to choose from, made by Drager and Scott safety. In the Drager range, we have the Drager Panorama Nova P, the FPS 7000 and from Scott Safety we have the Vision 3, Panaseal and the Promask, in a range of sizes to fit any wearer.

They all are manufactured to extremely high standards and designed for comfort and reliability. These safety masks are all designed to be worn for extended periods of time and to be airtight and easy to put on.

They are all ergonomically designed so they can be worn with spectacles or by a person with facial hair or an irregularly shaped head or face without compromising safety or comfort for the user.

Whatever specialized features you might be looking for; positive pressure, low pressure, negative pressure, powder respirator, firemans helmet compatibility, wide angle visor, communications systems compatibility, or built- in voice amplification and speakers, wireless radio integration, and a wide range of application specific construction materials such as Kevlar, APTM, silicone & Neoprene.

These safety masks all have a dedicated manufacturerÕs air cylinder connector and are designed to provide the wearer with the ultimate in comfort, air tightness and reliability, whatever the working environment, we have the perfect safety mask for you and your team. All of these masks comply with and often exceed modern safety and industrial regulations and standards.