Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

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Scott Contour 100 Breathing Equipment

Designed for Firefighters
BA Type: Escape / Emergency
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Scott Sigma Type 2 Breathing Equipment

Dimensions: 600mm x 278mm x 200mm
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Scott ProPak-Sigma with Vison 3 Mask

Use Steel and Composite Cylinders
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Drager (Draeger) PAS Lite Breathing Apparatus

Resistant to Chemicals and Heat
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Scott ProPak-F Breathing Apparatus

Non-Adjustable Spring-Loaded Piston Mechanism
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Scott Cen-Paq Breathing Apparatus

High-Pressure Cylinder
BA Type: Escape / Emergency
£519.00 £493.05

Drager PSS3000 Breathing Apparatus

Inc: Face Mask
BA Type: Escape / Emergency
£1,284.38 £499.00

Scott ProPak-I with Vision 3 Mask

Dimensions : 630mm x 285mm x 220mm
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Scott ProPak-FX Breathing Apparatus

Single or Dual Cylinder
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

Scott ACSi Breathing Equipment

Superbly Comfortable and Flexible
BA Type: Escape / Emergency

PSS 7000 Drager (Draeger) Breathing Equipment

Extremely Durable Harness Materials
Type: Breathing Equipment

Scott Safety ACSfx SCBA Breathing Apparatus

Lightest Adjustable BA set in its class
BA Type: Escape / Emergency
£960.00 £864.00

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Safety Gear Store has a comprehensive range of SCBA or self- contained breathing apparatus units (as used by fire fighters, rescue workers, the Royal Navy etc.) If you have to work in a hazardous environment such as confined space, a plant shutdown, fire fighting in an industrial or marine setting, you need safety equipment you can rely on 100%.

We stock the safety equipment of a standard that our customers and clients have come to demand. We know that in life threatening situations having the appropriate safety equipment on hand is crucial.

We understand how selecting the right type and model of SCBA can be complicated and demanding in terms of time and resources. To help you make the best decision possible we have a dedicated team of expert and qualified advisors as well as world class training workshops.

These safety units are used to provide a constant regulated supply of breathable air in hazardous environments where safety and durability are paramount often in environments of extreme danger to life or health.

Self- contained refers to the primary distinguishing feature of these safety units: instead of supplying pure breathing air to the wearer by means of a long tube or pipe, these units have the air cylinder integrated along with the mask or mouthpiece and regulator, all mounted on a sturdy frame for ease of use and portability.

We stock all of the most commonly used and reliable SCBA units, we can also ensure that your units are regularly inspected and serviced by our team of qualified experts.
Comprehensive training seminars are available in the use of all of our SCBA units.