Cable Locators/Avoidance Tools

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Cable Avoidance Tools

Buried pipes and cables can represent a major hazard to all types of workers in the construction industry.  If an excavations is not planned properly then can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in expensive repairs as well as delays and personal injury.

The cable avoidance tool (CAT) is used to locate these services so that they can be avoided. The CAT can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or in conjunction with a Genny that applies a distinctive signal that the CAT can detect. The CAT can be used in 3 modes: Power (P), Radio (R) and Genny (G). The CAT can detect most buried cables and conductors however some cables and conductors (even live ones) do not radiate signals. This applies to plastic pipe work however if used in conjunction with the Flexi-trace these can be located.