Globestock GSE300-1-7G G.Guard Load Arrestor Block

Length: 7m & 300kg SWL
Type: Load Arrestor
£ 566 £499.00 £598.80

Globestock G.Guard 7m

Globestock®’s G.Guard series of load arrestors is an effective system for automatically stopping the fall of an overhead load, protecting the load whilst at the same time reducing the chance of injury to anyone nearby. If the load enters into free-fall the cable is pulled out at an accelerating rate and, when the activation speed is reached, the braking system engages and brings the load to a smooth and cushioned stop.

The G.Guard is a retractable, tensioned safety line for protection of machinery, high value and sensitive loads. Load arrestors provide a backup safety system to protect a load at height and automatically stop its fall, should the primary means of support fail. This helps to reduce hazards in the area below the load.

The fall protection brake can be activated by quickly extracting the safety line from within the arrestor housing. This happens when a fall occurs. The fall protection brake includes a shock-absorbing element to minimize the forces encountered when stopping a falling load.

G.Guard load arrestors are suitable for protecting both static and moving loads in a wide variety of applications.

Our load and fall arrestors are supplied in the colours pictured. Black covers are also available.

Please also see our 500kg and 1000kg load arrest blocks.


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