Factair Breathing-Air Compressor

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 Factair Breathing-Air Compressor

The Factair BA400EX ZONE 1 are electrically powered, breathing-air compressors designed to operate in a hazardous area (designated Zone I Equipment Group II, category 2 G (IIB T4).

The BA400EX also has a fully integrated automatic fail-safe emergency air reserve and alarm system.

In the event a drop in the primary air pressure an audible alarm will be activated and the air will continue be supplied from two 9-litre 200 bar cylinders (optional 300 bar also available).

The control panel has a status indicator which in the event of a failure of the primary air will automatically change from green to red.

If the air pressure in the HP cylinders drops below 140 bar this will also activate the alarm and status indicator on the control panel.

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