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Chain Hoists / Trolleys

(Hand Operated) Chain Hoists and Trolleys

We sell a large variety of high-quality chain hoists (also referred to as a block and tackle, lever pull) and lifting trolleys (push and chain type) from trusted manufacturers that are suitable for a large range of applications and safe working loads (SWL) capacities (up to 30,000kg). Our chain hoists and trolleys are manufactured to the highest European standards; quality and health & safety are always a top priority to us.
Chain hoists are used in a variety of situations where a heavy load needs lifting, positioning and/or moving. The two main types of chain hoists are lever blocks and chain blocks. They have a strong and sturdy hook which is used to securely attach the load to the block, then the goods are lifted to the necessary height either by way of pulling on the chain or lever to hoist the load up.
Lifting trolleys are used for lifting and moving any heavy goods along a horizontal pathway (usually an overhead beam) by way of moving the goods along monorails, and can be used in conjunction with either hand or electric hoists. Our lifting trolleys are made of lightweight yet sturdy and durable materials for a safer, longer-lasting lifetime and all equipped with adjusters to enable safe and speedy alterations to your beam. Precise and smooth rolling is also a feature of many lifting trolleys, enabled by high quality grade steel materials.
For more information on our hand operated chain hoists and lifting trolleys, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

EN 13157

Common Uses:
• Lifting Heavy Goods
• Machine moving
• Vertical Lifting Applications
• Pulling Applications via a Pull lift or Lever Hoist
• Dragging Loads
• Inching of Loads / Materials