Checkmate TR3 Tripod

Max: Height - 2400mm

Configurable on details page

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Checkmate TR3 Tripod

Ultra lightweight, tough, and with a durable alloy construction, the TR3 tripod is primarily to be used as Personal Protective Equipment, to provide access or fall protection in confined space environments. It offers either an anchorage for suspended work or a secure Fall Arrest point if accessing via alternate means, for example a ladder (see Options below). The TR3 also provides anchorage for one winch operative/supervisor standing next to the tripod. Modes of use are shown on the downloadable technical data sheet, which also demonstrates the different user equipment required for each. It may alternatively (with different equipment) be used for goods carrying, with prior approval from Checkmate.

  • 250kg goods carrying capacity
  • 141kg man riding capacity
  • 1.4m - 2.4m Adjustable Height
  • 1m - 1.43m Diameter
  • 1.5m Folded Length

FAB2XR Fall Arrester

The FABX2R functions as a standard Fall Arrest Block, but in the event of a fall, the rewind/rescue mechanism can be engaged to raise and/or lower a fallen worker. Available with galvanised or stainless steel cable, or fibre rope made with Dyneema® up to 60ft/18m in length.

  • 18m Capacity (15m Stainless Steel) 
  • 4.8mm Diameter Galvanised Wire Rope or 5mm Diameter Stainless Steel. 


WG-01 Work Gear Winch

The Worm Gear Winch can be used as a primary man-riding winch if used with a suitable backup and rescue device. It can also be used for materials lifting up to 551lbs (250kg).

  • Up to 65ft Galvanised Wire Rope
  • 11kg Cranking Force
  • 141kg Man-Riding Capacity Inc. Tools and equipment
  • 250kg for goods lifting only 
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