Breathing Apparatus

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Breathing Apparatus

We sell a range of Breathing Apparatus (BA) – both for Confined Space and Rescue and full Breathing Apparatus which provide breathable air in hazardous places with sometimes dangerous breathing conditions – IDLH or Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health.

Our selection of Confined Space and Rescue Breathing Apparatus are perfect for providing breathable air in emergency and rescue situations. They comprise of 2 main components – a face mask or hood to protect the user in an IDLH situation and the breathable air stored in a separate cylinder or container. They are also equipped with either a storage case or bag, which makes them easy to transport or be mounted in a prominent position if necessary.

Breathing Apparatus (BA) (often referred to as Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA)) are used in a range of different industries including Firefighting, Confined Space, Mining and Rescue Sevices. It is an important piece of safety equipment which allows a person to carry out necessary duties in hazardous conditions where air quality may be a danger to health, whilst still having access to breathable air. They are simple to use and quick to put on, making them perfect for emergencies and evacuations.

All of our Breathing Apparatus meets or exceeds the highest of quality and safety standards. They are lightweight and durable even in the harshest of conditions and provide peace of mind and dependability which is crucial for anybody working in conditions where the air quality can be dangerous to health.

Common Uses:
• Fire Service
• Confined Space Entry and Evacuation
• Mining
• Rescue Plans
• Fire Escape