Davit Systems

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Reid T-Davit

GOODS WLL Up to 500kg
• PERSONNEL WLL Configurations available up to 150kg
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Ikar AASS-1 Davit

Max - H:2276mm R:1035.5mm
Configurable on details page
£823.55 £700.01

Ikar AASS-3 Davit

Max - H:2018.5mm R:1132mm
Configurable on details page
£1,189.25 £1,010.86

Ikar AASS-2 Davit

Max - H:1773mm R:1238mm
Configurable on details page
£1,217.25 £1,034.66

Ikar AASS-4 Davit

Max - H:3231mm R:1136mm
Configurable on details page
£1,778.10 £1,511.39

Miller Potex MN50 Davit with Winch - 30m

Length: 30m / Type: Portable
Suitable for: Rescue
£2,230.04 £1,784.03

DBI-SALA 5-Piece Hoist System

Max - H:1092mm R:698mm
Configurable on details page
£4,150.00 £3,527.50

Abtech Tuff Adjustable Barrel Mount Kit

Adjustable Barrel Mount Kit
£5,260.69 £4,471.58

Tuff Built Counterweight Davit Complete System

Length: 30m / Type: Counterweight Suitable for: Rescue/Riding
£6,106.57 £4,976.85

Abtech Tuff Counterweight Davit Kit

Counterweight Davit Kit
£6,446.71 £5,479.70

Abtech Counterweight Davit Complete System - 30073-KIT

Counterweight Base complete with Upper & Lower Davit
30m Man Riding Winch and 360kg of Weights
£6,446.71 £5,886.70

DBI-Sala FlexiGuard SafRig 8560016

FlexiGuard SafRig with Counterweight Base

Rescue Davits and Confined Space Davits

Confined spaces exist in many industries and can be above or under the ground. A space that is mostly enclosed and poses a significant risk of injury is classed as a confined space and any workers working in these spaces must have the correct safety training and protective equipment to ensure safety is kept paramount for all workers.

Due to the nature of confined spaces, there are usually very restricted entry and exit options, which in turn can make access / egress / rescue / retrieval more difficult. Our confined space rescue equipment is designed to make sure you meet the safety requirements of protecting any workers requiring entry or retrieval from such areas.

The Rescue and Confined Space Davits are constructed from high-strength; lightweight materials and they are also easily collapsible making them ideal for transporting from location to location. All of our products are compliant with the relevant standards and are fully tested.

If you require any more information or help choosing the correct product, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


EN 795 – Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor devices.

EN 360 - Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Retractable type fall arresters

EN 1496 - Personal fall protection equipment. Rescue lifting devices.

Common Uses:

  •          Confined Space Access and Rescue
  •          Utility Access and Maintenance
  •          Elevator Inspections
  •          Silo Cleaning
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