Controlled Descent

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Controlled Descent and Evacuation

We supply a great range of controlled descent and evacuation equipment which are suitable for a wide range of applications including Fire and Rescue, Confined Space, Working at Height including Ladder Access and Roof Access and all Construction and Maintenance applications. All of our controlled descent and evacuation apparatus enable smooth, steady and precise descents to ensure the safe lowering or rescue of a person who is working at height or possibly may even be in harm’s way and need rescuing / evacuating.

Each and every one of our controlled descent and evacuation products are manufactured to the highest standards by some of the leading brands in the world and meet if not exceed the stringent safety standards, meaning you have a product you can truly depend upon – vitally important when considering the need to safely lower any person working at height or indeed rescue or evacuate safely and quickly. They are easy to operate meaning that any descent, rescue or evacuation can be carried out speedily and safely without any complication.

If you require any more information about our Controlled Descent and Evacuation products, please call our expert products team and we will help you select the correct item for your application. Alternatively, you can complete a contact form at the bottom of any of the product pages and we will be in touch.

EN 341 A: 2002
EN 1496 A: 2006

Common Uses:
• Confined Space – Rescue and Evacuation
• Fire and Rescue
• Working at Height including Ladder Access and Roof Access
• Construction and Maintenance
• Controlled Descent Evacuation.

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