Compressed Air Cylinders

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Breathing Apparatus Cylinders

We have a comprehensive range of compressed air cylinders for use in hazardous environments as used in the fire service, Navy, chemical and engineering and marine industries.

These cylinders are the result of many years of research and testing, giving you the user the ultimate in high quality carrying systems, as well as pneumatics and reliable performance.

We offer compressed air cylinders made by Drager and Scott, two names that are synonymous with safety equipment and used wordwide by professionals.

We have a range of air cylinders in conventional high tensile steel as well as the newer carbon composite fibre units.

All of our air cylinders are compliant with UK TUV certification along with our cylinder valves, which are all EN144 compliant. They are exceptionally easy to use, lightweight in construction and highly resistant to shock, abrasion and chemicals. They have been built to give a high standard of performance and reliability in hazardous environments.

All of our air cylinders not only comply with but also in many cases exceed modern safety regulations and directives.

We also stock a full range of both Mono and Duo universal valves, for twin cylinder setups. In steel we have 6 litre, 7 litre and 9 litre capacity at 200 bar and in Carbon Composite we have 6.8 (300 bar) and 9 litre (200/300 bar).

All our cylinders are seamless with metric thread manufactured from the highest quality materials and finished with the most durable coatings.