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Electric Lifting / Hoisting

Electric Lifting / Hoisting

Electric wire rope hoists are used when the load to be lifted or moved is too large or heavy for the hoisting to be achieved manually, or if large, heavy loads often need to be lifted. Electric wire rope hoists are also perfect for lifting or pulling objects over great distances. They are controlled and operated simply by using a button thus taking away any need for strenuous pulling activity on the part of the operator, so end up being a far superior and productive way of achieving results in a variety of applications, despite being pricier than their manual counterparts.
Our range of electric hoists are manufactured to be used with a Maxiflex wire rope. These portable hoists are ideal for transporting from place to place, and are available with variable speeds and voltages, making them suitable for use in a wide range of settings and situations including cable pulling, wire rope tensioning and material lifting.
The Minifor machines are available up to 950kg on a 110v power supply. These are lightweight making them a perfect addition to any construction project. Low voltage controls are as standard providing the operator increased safety. There is also an option for radio control.
An electric wire rope hoist alleviates operator fatigue and is technically an endless hoisting solution with no maximum length of wire restrictions.
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EN 13157

Common Uses:
• Cable Pulling
• Scaffold hoisting
• Genreal construction projects
• Lift installations
• Materials handling