GVS SPR406 Elipse Integra Combined Eye & Respiratory Protection

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GVS Elipse Integra Combined Eye & Respiratory Protection

Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a unique and innovative combined protection, reducing risks of non-compatibility, non-conformity and mist build up. Large central non return exhalation valve which reduces the breathing resistance for the user and keeps moisture build up inside the mask to a minimum. Lightweight, non-slip strap that is easily adjusted in 4 positions for improved comfort and to allow safe use even in high humidity or wet conditions. Elipse®Integra comes in 2 sizes

The lens is designed in Polycarbonate and can withstand 45 mper second impacts. The coating applied meets (N) Anti Fog and exceeds the standard (K) anti-scratch coating seen on the market for a longer durability. Elipse Integra is compatible with the current Elipse®filter range.

Integra Mask (Goggle combined) conforms to EN 140:1998

Integra Mask (Goggle combined) conforms to EN 166:2002

Particulate filters conform to EN 143:2000+A1:2006

Gas and combined gas & particulate filters conform to EN 14387:2004+A1:2008

Integra Masks and filters are CE certified.


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