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Checkmate AST Webbing Anchor Strops

Webbing anchor strop c/w double part wear sleeve

3M Protecta Fixed Anchorage AM210 Stainless Steel Plate

3.5mm thick for use with a 12mm fixing
supplied without fixing

Leading Edge TT-OMNI Mini Omni Anchor

max usable length: 11cm
Type: Tool

Checkmate Black Round Sling Anchor Strop ASTR

The ASTR is available in a range of lengths

Ikar IKAS50 Steelrope Anchorage Sling

Ø 6mm Galvanised Steelrope

Miller 1003245 Webbing Anchorage Sling

Retracted Length: 1m
Type: Anchorages
£14.10 £8.81

Leading Edge TT-ANCH-V-5 Velcro Anchor

Type: Anchor

GT Lifting Flange Anchor M10- FA6002710

Material: Stainless Steel.

Cabloc Pro 7241072 8mm Stainless Steel Cable

Cabloc Pro 8mm Stainless Steel Cable 1 by 19

Ikar IKAB50 Webbing Anchorage Sling

28mm polyester webbing anchorage sewn round sling

Hinged Steel Roof Anchor - FA6001200

EN795:1996 Class A

Miller 1002919 Webbing Anchorage Sling

Retracted Length: 1.5m
Type: Anchorages
£17.81 £11.13

Abtech 2m Hi Vis Anchor Sling

2m Hi Vis Anchor Sling

Checkmate Anchor Strop Galvanised Steel Wire Rope- ASTW

Checkmate’s Anchor Strops are designed as a simple and speedy solution to temporary anchorage requirements on a large variety of structures.

3M Protecta Anchorage D ring stainless steel

Anchorage D-Ring for use with a 12mm fixing, supplied without fixing

GT Lifting Hole Rigging Plate- FA6003603

Designed to organise & provide multiple anchor points in multiple directions for superior versatility.

Kratos Stainless Steel Anchorage Hook - FA5021175

Gate opening: 75mm, 110mm & 140mm

Checkmate Anchor Galvanised Steel Permanent Eye Bolts- PPEWAG

Single point user anchor device
Ideal for permanent installation into new and existing buildings or structures

Checkmate Anchor White Powder Coated Steel Permanent Eye Bolts

Single point user anchor device
Ideal for permanent installation into new and existing buildings or structures

Toggle Anchor 200mm - FA6001900

Overall length: 200mm.

Checkmate Mega Swivel Anchor

Anchor Swivel

Inlock Concrete Anchor- FA6001800

Net weight 150g.

Miller 1017824 Telescopic Reach Pole

Retracted Length: 3.45m
Type: Anchorages
£89.25 £71.40

Aluminium Anchor for Standing Seam Roof- FA6003400

The U-profile allows installation on a multitude of different seams.

Checkmate Anchor Stainless Steel Permanent Eye Bolts

Single point user anchor device
Ideal for permanent installation into new and existing buildings or structures
£95.48 £81.16

Checkmate Removable Toggle Anchor -TLA075N

3/4" (19MM) Toggle Lok anchor for Hollow core concrete & steel
£99.50 £84.57

DBI-SALA ZORBA Tech Concrete Roof Anchor

single fixing for solid concrete
anchor for 2 users plus a rescuer
3 heights for no insulation up to 150mm and up to 300mm

DBI-Sala 2104565 Anchor

Anchor Type: Concrete
D-ring Complete with 1 Bolt

DBI-SALA 7200439 Single Counterweight Plate

Single counterweight for 2100185 roof anchor, 20.3kg (45 lbs.)
£117.00 £97.75

Cabloc Galvanised Steel Ladder 6191035 Top Bracket Anchor

Connected to 2 rungs of the ladder
Adjustable fixing brackets
£120.00 £102.00

3M Protecta AM201 Mobile Anchor Point

Portable Anchor Point for steel structures
£133.00 £113.05

First-Man-Up 2100105 Remote Anchoring Hook

Anchorage Hook for use on a telescopic rod connector to allow a lifeline to be attached 8m above the user
enabling the user to ascend a pylon or to reach the top of a pole in complete safety.
£137.00 £116.45

DBI-Sala Saflok 2100100 Anchor

Anchor Type: Concrete Size: 323mm
£137.00 £116.45

Checkmate Bags For Anchor Wands

£138.00 £117.30

DBI-Sala Saflok 2100103 Anchor

Anchor Type: Concrete
£147.00 £124.95

Cabloc 6191033 Stainless Steel Ladder Bottom Bracket

with built in cable tensioning device
£166.00 £141.10

Ikar IKABC Anchorage Beam Clamp

Aluminium alloy bar and jaws with steel nickel plated D ring

Checkmate Beam Slider Man Riding Beam Anchor BWA012N

Super slider beam anchor to suit 78-305mm beam
£170.50 £144.92

Checkmate Checkring Removable Eyebolt

The Checkring system is ideal for installations where a large number of single point anchors are required and the design aesthetics are key.
£175.00 £148.75

Kratos Small Beam Anchor - FA6000800

Anchor Type: Beam

Checkmate Fixed I-Beam Anchor - YAA003

Fixed Alloy I beam anchor to suit 130-330mm beam
£205.00 £174.25

DBI-Sala 2104566 Anchor

Anchor Type: Concrete
D-ring Complete with 6 Bolts
£231.00 £196.35

GT Lifting Edge Anchor- FA6002600

Designed for single user only.
£247.00 £209.95

DBI-Sala Detent Wall 2101005 Anchor

Anchor Type: Concrete
£256.00 £217.60

Kratos Door Anchor - FA6001500

Anchor Type: Door

Kratos Anchorage Point Wallution - FA6001000

Anchor Type: Wall/ Parapets

DBI-SALA Web Sling Lifting Kit for Roof Top Counterweight Anchor

Web sling lifting kit for 2100180 Roof Top Counterweight Anchor system with attachment hardware.
£290.00 £246.50


Our wide range of high-quality anchorage devices can be used in a variety of applications including building maintenance, rope access, rescue and general work at height.

Depending on the type of work required to be undertaken and the users’ requirements, anchorages can be a permanently fixed anchor point or temporary man anchor point (which allows them to be portable and used again in different settings). If you are unsure of which anchorage device is most suitable for your requirements, please contact us for further information.
The type of anchorage or man anchor (that conforming to EN 795) needed for any work at height should be selected by way of a through risk-assessment. All and any work at height must be correctly and thoroughly planned with an in-depth risk assessment providing proper planning for any rescue and/or emergencies.

EN 795

Common Uses:
• Beam Clamp Man Anchors
• Wall Mounted Anchor Points for Fall Arrest Devices
• Mobile Roof Anchor Points
• Temporary Anchor Points
• Permanent Anchor Points

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