Harness Accessories

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DBI-SALA 3100184 Nano-Lok Edge Pack Adaptor

Pack Adaptor
Type: Harness Accessories

3M Protecta AM450/60 Sling Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing: four safety seams.

3M DBI-SALA 1500161 Harness Adaptor

Provides an Attachment Point
Type: Harness Accessories

Protecta Pro AK096NG Harness Padding

Removable shoulder padding

Heightec MMFL1 Adjustable Footloop

Single Footloop
Type: Harness Accessories
£12.31 £10.46

Kratos Suspension Trauma Relief Strap- FA1090100

Compact and lightweight.

Abtech ABLSS Rescue Step

Rescue Step
Type: Harness Accessories
£18.46 £15.69

DBI-SALA Disposable Concrete Web-Strap Anchor

Durable polyester construction

Protecta Pro AB011 Harness Back D-Ring Extension

Back D-ring extension strap 45 mm webbing.
Screw gate triangle to attach to harness

Checkmate PPE-FL Foot Loop

Foot Loop
Type: Harness Accessories

Heightec MMFL3 Three Step Footloop

3 Step Foot Loop
Type: Harness Accessories
£24.51 £20.83

Checkmate STSS Suspension Trauma Relief Strap

Safety Straps used in Pairs
Type: Harness Accessories

Work Positioning Belt-FA 10 402 00

Type: Work Positioning

Heightec MMFLS Suspension Relief Foot Loop

Portable Foot Loop
Type: Harness Accessories
£29.90 £25.41

Comfortable Work Positioning Belt- FA 10 401 00

Type: Work Positioning

DBI-SALA Suspension Trauma 9501403 Safety Straps

Safety Straps
Type: Harness Accessories

Checkmate WB Work Positioning Belt

Contrast Stitching
Type: Harness Accessories
£53.50 £45.47

Bambou Climbing Work Belt- FA 10 500 00

Type: Work Position

Heightec H00 Cirrus Work Positioning Restraint Belt

Restraint Belt
Type: Harness Accessories
£57.50 £48.87

DBI-SALA Sling Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing and stainless steel links.

DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Chest Ascender

Duo-Lok™ Quick Connect Buckles
£74.70 £63.49

Heightec MMWS1 Durable Padded Work Seat

Padded Work Seat
Type: Harness Accessories
£88.20 £74.97

3M DBI-SALA KB01150064 ExoFit Aluminium Seat Sling

Seat Sling
Type: Harness Accessories
£130.00 £110.50

Fly'in4 - Luxury Work Positioning Belt

Type: Work Positioning
£137.18 £116.60

Pro-line Protecta 1200106 Temporary Lifelines

Incorporated carry bag
Built-in shock absorber
£152.00 £129.20

Abtech 0753864318438 Bosuns Light Weight Chair

Work Positioning Chair
Type: Harness Accessories
£252.00 £221.76

Checkmate 0753864318445 Heavy Duty Plastic Bosuns Chair

Bosuns Chair
Type: Harness Accessories
£334.00 £283.90