Harness Accessories

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Nano-Lok 3100184 Edge Pack Adaptor

Pack adaptor for harnesses with short back straps for use with Nano-Lok edge.

3M DBI-SALA 1500161 Harness Adaptor

Harness Adaptor provides an attachment point for a tool lanyard to your harness webbing.

Heightec Footloop, 1 step adjustable

Adjustable, single footloop to aid rope access ascending.
£12.31 £10.46

Abtech Rescue Step

Rescue Step
£18.46 £15.69

Checkmate Foot Loop PPE-FOOTLOOP

The ideal tool when used in aid climbing and assisted prussicking

Heightec Footloop, 3 step

Durable range of foot loops to aid rope access ascending.
£24.51 £20.83

Checkmate Suspension Trauma Relief Strap

Suspension Trauma safety Straps used in pairs

Heightec Suspension relief footloop

Provides support for both feet allowing the user to stand up and so relieve pressure on the legs.
£29.90 £25.41

DBI-SALA® 9501403 Suspension Trauma Safety Straps

Suitable for full body harness

Checkmate Work Positioning WB Belt

Contrast stitching
£53.50 £45.47

Heightec Cirrus restraint belt

Designed for wind turbine climbers Quick connect positioning belt can be used on its own or with CIRRUS harness
£57.50 £48.87

Heightec Workseat - 50cm

Durable, padded workseat with adjustable webbing.
£88.20 £74.97

3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ Derrick KB01150064 Harness & Accessories

Type: Fall Arrest Harnesses
£130.00 £110.50

Abtech Bosuns Chair

Work positioning chair for suspended access
£252.00 £221.76

Checkmate Bosuns Chair heavy duty plastic

Bosuns chair heavy duty plastic
£334.00 £283.90