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A harness is a vital piece of safety equipment for any person working at height and /or in confined spaces where there is a risk of a fall, injury or need for rescue. Harnesses (full body harness or belt harness) protect the body by way of providing the person with a personal fall arrest system. They are also comfortable to wear and provide the user with confidence when working at height, hence improving their ability to carry out their work confidently and competently. Harnesses are easy to fit and use, and allow the worker the full freedom of movement whilst working.

We have a vast array of full body / belt harnesses for use in a variety of different settings and situations, including general fall arrest / halt, work positioning, rescue, rope access and suspension. Our comprehensive range of full body harnesses ensures that whatever your specific requirements are for the type of work to be undertaken, we will have a harness to suit your needs.

We love a chat - call our team today and we will talk you through the correct choice of harness.

• EN 361: 2002
• EN 358: 2000
• EN 813: 2008

Common Uses:
• General Fall Arrest Harness when Working at Height
• Rescue Harness for confined space
• Work Positioning Harness
• Rope Access and Suspension (sit) Harness

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