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Tractel 60252 Helmet with 4 point chinstrap

Suitable for: Industrial Use
Type : Helmets

SAR HP004 EN12492 Master Height Safety Helmet

Suitable for Climbing
Type : Helmets

SAR HP004IND Master Height Safety Helmet EN397

Suitable for Industrial Use
Type : Helmets

Heightec MH01 DUON Aual Standard Helmet - All Colours

Fabric : Nylon and Polyester
Type : Safety Helmets
£52.95 £45.00

Heightec MH02 DUON-Air Dual Standard Helmet - All Colours

Fabric : Nylon and Polyester
Type : Helmets
£54.45 £46.28

GT Lifting HP1020000 Kratos FOX Safety Helmet

FOX Safety Helmet
Type : Specialist


Head injury risks are present in many industries, including working at height, construction sites and climbing. Head injuries can be caused by the impact of a falling object, a fall of a person themselves and also collisions with flying or fixed objects. In order to reduce the risk of a serious and / or dangerous head injury, people who work in conditions with these risks present are required to wear a safety helmet to protect their heads and spines.
Our helmets are constructed from high-quality, durable materials which are waterproof and also breathable for protection from perspiration. They are all exceptionally tough and are made to protect from impacts from above or around the sides, whilst also absorbing some of the shock, making them perfect for exceeding your expectations in safety and comfort, whilst still being incredibly lightweight. They are also fitted with easily adjustable chin straps to ensure that the helmet does not move or slip in any way so keeping in with the highest of safety standards and peace of mind.
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EN 12492
EN 397
EN 50365
** Check manufactures technical data sheets for clarification.

Common Uses:
• Construction
• Any harness work or work at height
• Confined Space and/ or Rescue
• Scaffold companies

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