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Lanyards (also known as pole straps) are connecting devices used to connect a body harness or work positioning belt to an anchor point to increase safety and support when working at height.

We stock 3 main types of lanyards – restraint lanyards, positioning lanyards and twin clip/leg lanyards. Restraint lanyards are used to restrain the worker from a possible fall when working at height, and provide support and comfort; they must be used in conjunction with a separate fall arrest device such as a fall arrest block / inertia reel, as whilst they are designed to provide support whilst working at height, separate fall arrest equipment needs to be also used to capture a fall. Positioning lanyards are also designed to be used in conjunction with fall arrest equipment, and provide the user with the ability to complete their work at height in a more comfortable and supported manner. A twin clip / leg lanyard is shock absorbing, so has the ability to arrest a fall and absorb much of the shock created by a fall.

All of our lanyards are exceptionally strong, durable and hard-wearing. They are designed and made by top manufacturers for peace of mind and also have a long-lasting life so are a great value item in the world of height safety.

For more information about our lanyards / pole straps, or for help deciding which product is right for you, please contact us either by phone or by completing the enquiry form on any of the product pages.

EN 354
EN 353-2

Common Uses:
• Working at Height
• Work Restraint
• EN 795 Connection
• Ladder Climbing
• Cherry Pickers

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