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Inertia Reels and Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks are known as several different names, including inertia reels, inertia blocks, retractable fall arrest blocks and self-retracting lanyards (SRL).
They are used to reduce the fall distance for people working at height which in turn means there is less chance of any fall related injuries and can also enable a safer and easier rescue should the need arise.
Fall arrest blocks are for single person use only and are an ideal way of giving the user a hands free experience within a designated workable area (see each fall arrest block’s user manual for further information and instructions of use) whilst still retaining the automatic safety features of reducing fall distance and thus the chance of fall related injuries.
Horizontal use is manufacture specific and if you require this feature please contact us for advice as additional equipment may be required.


· EN360

Common Uses:

• Working at height
• Ladder Access
• Roof Access
• Rescue *recover winch feature required
• Production Line Inspection
• Building Maintenance

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