Lifting Clamps / Magnets

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GT Lifting 0753864155576 1Tonne GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII T1101

Beam Range:75-220mm
£51.45 £43.73

GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII

Adjustable to fit a wide range of flange widths and beams.

GT Lifting 0753864155583 2 Tonne GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII T1102

Beam Range:75-220mm
£58.17 £49.45

GT Lifting 0753864155590 3 Tonne GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII T1103

Beam Range:80-320mm
£87.25 £69.80

GT Lifting 0753864155606 5 Tonne GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII T1104

Beam Range:80-320mm
£106.00 £87.24

GT Lifting 0753864155613 10 Tonne GT Adjustable Beam Clamp MKII T1105

Beam Range:90-320mm
£131.19 £111.51

GT Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp - VPC

The GT Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp was introduced by George Taylor as a highly efficient auxiliary lifting product.
£143.12 £121.65

GT Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp - HPC

Ideal for moving steel plate or machinery in a horizontal position.
£167.59 £124.27

GT Lifting T2801 100kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Type: Lifting Clamps
£246.00 £209.00

GT Lifting T2803 300kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Capacity: 300kgs
Type: Lifting Clamps
£460.00 £394.00

GTLifting T2806 600kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Capacity: 600kgs
Type: Lifting Clamps
£590.00 £501.50

GTLifting T2810 1 Tonne Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Capacity: 1000kgs
Type: Lifting Clamps
£990.00 £844.50

GT Lifting T2820 2 Tonne Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Capacity: 2000kgs
Type: Lifting Clamps
£2,250.00 £1,927.50

Lifting Clamps and Magnets

We have a wide variety of lifting clamps and magnets on offer that have been engineered to the highest quality and safety standards. They are suitable for use in a range of applications and for the handling, lifting, lowering or moving of numerous material types.

Our lifting clamps are manufactured by leading brands and we sell lifting clamps that are capable of lifting loads up to a weight of 60,000kg or 60 tonnes.

We supply both vertical lifting clamps and horizontal lifting clamps for use in a variety of applications where lifting and handling heavy materials and loads is required. Our lifting clamps are engineered with specially hardened jaws for extra durability and are simple to install and use. They come with the relevant certification and operating instructions to enable their safe and efficient use in your workplace setting.

Non-marking clamps are also available when the material is not to be damaged or scratched such as Wood, Plastics and Glass.

We supply a range of magnetic lifting devices. They are designed for the efficient and effective lifting and handling of magnetic materials as they require no power, slings or shackles. With a powerful magnetic force and the additional benefit of safety locking mechanisms, they provide an excellent solution to the lifting and handling of magnetic loads whilst also ensuring peace of mind when considering safety in any work environment. They are also quick and easy to install and operate, improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Many are also suitable for round bar lifting but at a reduced safe working load. Please refer to operating manual for clarification.

If you have any questions about our lifting clamps or magnet lifters then please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team for more information and advice.

EN 13157

• Common Uses:
• Lifting Steel Plates
• Moving Glass Panels
• Lifting Bulk Sheet Metal
• Lifting Round Bar

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