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Quick Links Standard Type - QL

Not to be used for lifting purposes.

Carbine Hooks Standard Type - CARB

Not to be used for lifting purposes

GT Lifting Rectangular Base Deck Plates - DP

Material: High tensile C1045.

Grade 80 Weld on D-Ring - G80WDR

Ring: Grade 80 Alloy Steel.

Grade 80 Weld on Hook - G80WH

Marked with manufacturers mark/ID,

Hand Test Weights - TW

Marked with weight e.g. 20kg

Test Weight Stillage - TWS

Suitable for moving 80kg of GT Test Weights.
£230.00 £195.50

Test Weight Trolley - TWT

Suitable for moving 100kg of comprising of 4 x GT Test Weights
1 x GT Test Weight Stillage.
£320.00 £272.00