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Rescue Kits

As an employer part of your commitment to Risk Assessment is a rescue plan ensuring the safety of your employees from the dangers of falls from height. HSE regulations apply to all work areas and to all employees.

How can we provide a rescue solution?
We have a great range of rescue kits which are designed to provide a safe method of providing rescue when working at height in a variety of settings and situations, ensuring you are meeting the required standards of safeguarding the safety of workers at height. The most current model of each component is included in each of our rescue kits to ensure the highest of safety quality at all times.
Our rescue kits can be used for Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Water Recue, Search and Rescue amongst a whole range of other situations where the safety of workers at height and in confined spaces is paramount.
All and any work at height must be correctly and thoroughly planned with an in-depth risk assessment providing proper planning for any rescue and/or emergencies.
If you require any further assistance in choosing the correct product then please contact us.

EN341 - Personal fall protection equipment. Descender devices for rescue
EN 1496 class B - Personal fall protection equipment - Rescue lifting devices.

Common Uses:
• Emergency Rescue from Height
• Ladder Access Rescue
• Lift Maintenance Rescue
• Confined Space Rescue with Power Failure

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