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Rescue Tripods and Confined Space Tripods

Confined spaces exist in many industries. A space that is mostly enclosed and poses a significant risk of injury is classed as a confined space and any workers working in these spaces must have the correct safety training and protective equipment to ensure safety is kept paramount for all workers.
Rescue and Confined Space Tripods are for people working within confined spaces, including access / exit and rescue and also for rescue from height. They have 3 legs and can be used for most access applications including material handling *check manufactures manual for confirmation.
Most are made from lightweight aluminium which makes them very robust, lightweight and also easy to transport to different locations. They are very quick and easy to set up ready for use.
We supply an extensive range of confined space equipment that is ultimately engineered for your safety whilst entering, escaping, and working within enclosed spaces. Confined space tripods utilise the following items: Man-riding winches, fall arrest blocks with emergency recovery features and other essential equipment.
If you require a bespoke confined space tripod kit please contact us so we can advise you on the correct configuration.

EN 360
EN 1496

Common Uses:
• Access to confined areas
• Rescue Tripods
• Utility Access
• Emergency Services


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