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Restraint Lines and Lifelines

Our range of top-quality restraint lines, lifelines and webbing systems offer the ultimate in safety when working at height e.g. roof access - including sloping rooves, and ladder access. Our lifelines and webbing systems are easy to use and aid the prevention of slips and falls when ascending / climbing or working at height. Made with the highest quality materials and meeting the highest of safety standards, our lines, lifelines and webbing systems provide you with a long-lasting, reliable product which will form a vital part of any height safety kit and provide that all important peace of mind.

Our vertical lifelines have automatic rope grab systems which means that in the event of a slip or fall, the rope grab instantly locks thus arresting the fall. They allow for the safe movement up and down the entire length of the line, meaning that comfort, safety and therefore confidence and productivity are increased when working in conditions that involve being at height and being at risk of potentially dangerous slips and falls.

Our temporary webbing lifelines are perfect for transporting and using in different settings as they fold up into a handy protective bag. Simple to install and use, they provide a safe horizontal anchorage for up to two users that can span between fixed anchorage points.

Please do not hesitate to contact our trained and knowledgeable products team should you require any more information on our products, we will be able to select the correct products for your individual needs.

EN 795 Class B

Common Uses:
• Temporary lifeline for restraint access
• Temporary lifeline for fall arrest whilst working at height
• Fall Prevention
• Work Restraint
• Fall Arrest

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