Rope Devices

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Heightec Twister load controller

For safe, controlled lifting and lowering of small loads.
£31.33 £26.63

Sar Figure of 8

Sar Figure of 8
Use: Descender

Heightec Compact ascender

Ideal as spare ascender or use in hauling and rescue systems, incorporating X-Cam.
£34.95 £29.73

Heightec Twist chest ascender

Rope access chest ascender incorporating X-Cam. Can be integrated into full harness or used to link sit & chest harnesses.
£35.27 £29.97

Heightec Pulsar handled ascender

Rope Access handled ascender, incorporating X-Cam
£40.58 £34.49

Heightec Pulsar handled ascender, LH

For rope access climbing
£40.00 £34.49

Sar Croll Clean Cam

Sar Croll Clean Cam
Use: Ascender

Checkmate Croll Chest Mounted Ascender

Designed for use on a full body harness
£56.00 £47.60

Sar Clean Cam Ascender

Sar Clean Cam
Use: Ascender

Heightec Vector fall arrester

A versatile, multi-functional rope device designed specifically for roof work and ladder climbing. The VECTOR moves up and down freely with the user, allowing a high degree of flexibility whilst working.
£67.80 £57.63

Sar Rocker Rope Lock

Sar Rocker Rope Lock
Use: Back-Up

Heightec Quantum back-up Device

Supremely simple, high performance rope access back-up device The QUANTUM rope access back-up device combines both innovation and excellence. It does not simply meet industry standards, it surpasses them.
£76.53 £65.05

Heightec Hurricane rope grab w pulley

Casualty recovery hauling device Integral component of RescuePack casualty recovery systems. Allows pulley system to be created at any point along a kernmantel rope.
£89.95 £76.45

Heightec Prism descender

High specification multi-function rope access descender. Variable friction and high capacity rope access descender for abseiling, ascending, lowering, hauling and rescue.
£102.45 £87.08

Sar A-B Descender

Sar A-B Descender
Use: Descender

Heightec Quadra rescue device, stainless

The QUADRA rope device is used in rescue systems and has 4 different functions - life-lining, lowering, hauling and descending.
£128.40 £109.14

Heightec Quadra rescue device, alloy

The QUADRA rope device is used in rescue systems and has four different functions: life-lining, lowering, hauling and descending.
£134.84 £112.06

Heightec Powerlock rescue descender

Tower rescue and evacuation descender designed for two person loads with double action safety mechanism
£142.61 £121.21

Heightec Tornado load controller

Highly versatile patented lifting device For controlled lifting and lowering of light or medium loads.
£152.00 £129.20

Checkmate D4 Descender kit

D4 Descender (11mm) Panic brake red
£159.50 £135.57

Heightec Micron ultra-light evacuation system, 15m

Advanced evacuation descender for specialist industries Ultra compact device allows a person to make a fine controlled descent from high level.
£196.31 £166.86

Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener

£619.00 £560.65

Heightec Rotor rescue and evacuation descender

The ultimate high performance rescue descender for self-evacuation or casualty recovery from tall structures, including wind turbines. Unique robust design, developed for the most demanding environments. Total durability with 10+ year lifespan, fully waterproof mechanism and minimal maintenance. Complete safety with lowering & lifting capability, high load rating and integral load indicator.
£991.00 £842.35

Rope Devices

We have a range of rope devices available, suitable for back up when working in rope access situations and for ascension and descension. Our Rope Devices can be used in a wide range of applications, including Rope Access, Building Maintenance, Roof Access, Rescue and Evacuation.
A Rope Access Back Up Device is an important piece of safety equipment used when working at height. It is attached onto a safety rope and locks securely onto the rope should the working rope or ascender or descender unfortunately fail to work correctly (hence the name Back Up Device). This provides peace of mind and enables the person to carry out their work more confidently, reducing the risk of any falls.
Ascenders and descenders are mechanical rope devices that are used for the safe and quick ascension and descension of a rope. They are easy to attach and use, and are used in a variety of applications including Rescue at Height, Building Maintenance, and any situation where working or climbing in hard to access locations.
All of our Rope Devices are designed and manufactured to the highest of safety and quality standards, providing peace of mind in knowing that you are using the strongest, most durable and reliable height safety products.
Please contact us should you need any further information or advice about any of our products. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help you choose the correct product for your precise needs.

EN 341
EN 567

Common Uses:
• Rescue at Height
• Emergency Descent
• Rescue Plan