Rope protection

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Heightec Sentinel cover - clear 0.5m

SENTINEL PVC covers help to protect painted sharp edges and surfaces.
£9.23 £7.84

Heightec Mantle rope protector, canvas, 0.5m

Durable rope protector. Canvas rope protector with velcro closure.
£11.23 £9.54

Heightec Rope protector, square

Heavy duty double layer canvas rope protector. Protects multiple ropes, ideal for rescue systems
£21.24 £18.05

Heightec Sentinel chainmail rope protector 0.5m

Chainmail wrap around rope protector with velcro closure and high cut resistance.
£45.70 £38.84

Heightec Cascade edge protector

Ideal for multiple ropes and square edges
£58.09 £49.37

Heightec Gratemate Plus rope protector (steel)

Ideal for metal or composite grating walkways.
£66.90 £56.86

Heightec Sentinel fabric covered 0.5m

SENTINEL chainmail rope protector with fabric cover gives unrivalled performance with high cut resistance.
£86.82 £73.79