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Heightec CONTRACT K’biner, steel 10mm oval, s gate

Economy karabiner with screwgate closure. Requires two independent actions to open.
£3.50 £2.97

Abtech Oval Screwgate Karabiner

Oval Screwgate Karabiner
£4.62 £3.92

Heightec ASTRO K'biner forged steel 10mm oval, s gate

Forged steel karabiner with a screw gate closure. Requires two independent actions to open.
£6.20 £5.27

Heightec ASTRA K'biner, steel, offset, s.gate, 41 kN

High strength (41kN) steel karabiner with screwgate closure.
£7.47 £6.34

Heightec ALTO K’biner alu oval s.gate

A multi-purpose karabiner with screwgate closure. Lightweight aluminium screwgate oval karabiner.
£8.25 £7.01

Dee Maillon


Heightec ALTAIR K'biner alu small offset, s.gate

Lightweight karabiner – ideal for personal connections in rope access
£9.75 £8.28

Heightec ASTRA K'biner, steel, offset, twistlock, captive bar

Twist lock gate action with 22 mm gate clearance with a captive bar. 41 kN MBL
£9.85 £8.37

Heightec ALTUS K'biner alu offset, s.gate

Versatile general purpose 28kN screwgate karabiner
£10.45 £8.88

Heightec ALTO K’biner alu oval tri-act

A multi-purpose karabiner with triple locking action. Lightweight aluminium triple lock karabiner.
£11.05 £9.39



Heightec ALTUS K'biner alu offset, tri-act

Versatile general purpose 28kN triple action karabiner.
£13.85 £11.77



Heightec ASTRA K’biner steel offset, tri-act, captive bar

High strength (41kN) steel karabiner with locking gate.
£15.24 £12.95

HMS Steel




Heightec Scaffold hook, alloy 22kN

Aluminium alloy hook with wide opening and double action gate.
£29.36 £24.95

Heightec Scaffold hook, alloy pear + pin

Large opening connector with twistlock gate
£35.43 £30.11

Heightec FastClip Quick connect hook, alloy

FastClip double action hook for rapid attachment and release. FastClip connector for transferring to and from wind turbines
£56.50 £48.02


Here you can browse our wide variety of connectors (also known as Karabiners), which have an assortment of different openings and locks, and come in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a large range of situations and settings. Height Safety Connectors are an essential part of any rope access, climbing or working at height kit which allows the user to be safely connected to ropes and move about an area with ease. Our connectors all come with strong and secure locking mechanisms which provide necessary hold and steadiness.

Manufactured from sturdy and durable materials, our selection of Karabiners / Scaffold Hooks and connectors are built to last and make a welcome addition to any rope access kit. They are also ultra-lightweight whist still retaining all of their incredible strength. All of our connectors at least meet or exceed the relevant safety standards ensuring the ultimate in peace of mind and comfort when working with ropes and at height.

For more information or advice on our connectors or any of our products, please call our friendly and knowledgeable products team who will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the correct product(s) for your requirements. Alternatively, you can complete a contact form on any of the product pages and we will be in touch.

EN 362

Common Uses:
• Connection to EN 795 Anchor points
• Replacement of damaged connectors
• Connecting to scaffolding when working at height
• Working at Height
• Height Safety
• Harness and Lanyard Connection elements

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