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DBI-SALA 3100184 Nano-Lok Edge Pack Adaptor

Pack Adaptor
Type: Harness Accessories

3M Protecta AJ508 Quick Link Connectors

10mm Gate open size
Type: Connector

3M Protecta Fixed Anchorage AM210 Stainless Steel Plate

3.5mm thick for use with a 12mm fixing
supplied without fixing

Protecta AJ507 Quick Links

16mm gate Open
Type: Connector

3M DBI-SALA 1500024 Quick Rings

Pack of 25
Type: Tool

3M DBI-SALA 1500091 Spray Can / Bottle Holster

7-70 mm aluminum carabiner
Type: Tool Holsters

3M Protecta AM450/60 Sling Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing: four safety seams.

DBI-SALA AJ501 Protecta Screw Gate Carabiner Steel

104mm Gate opening
Type: Connector

Cabloc Pro 7241072 8mm Stainless Steel Cable

Cabloc Pro 8mm Stainless Steel Cable 1 by 19

3M DBI-SALA 1500099 Tape Measure Sleeve

Sizes up to 10.66 m (35 ft)
Type: Tool Holsters

3M DBI-SALA 1500161 Harness Adaptor

Provides an Attachment Point
Type: Harness Accessories

D-SALA 1500010 Micro D-ring Attachment Point

Pack of 10
Type: Tool

3M DBI-SALA 1500069 Steel Cable Retractor

0.7 kg (1.5 lb) capacity
Type: Tool Lanyards/Tethers

DBI- SALA AL410B Protecta Restraint Lanyard

Length: 10.5mm
Type: Restraint Lanyard

Protecta Rope AL415B Connecting Restraint Lanyard

Length: 10.5mm
Type: Restraint Lanyard

3M Protecta AJ509 Quick Link Connectors

Quick Link 7.5mm Opening
Type: Connector

Rebel 3590010 Self Retracting Lifeline Cover

For use with 6 - 30 m standard cable
Type: Lifeline Cover

DBI-SALA AJ514 Self Locking Karabiner Connector

18 mm Gate opening
Type: Connector

Protecta Pro AB011 Harness Back D-Ring Extension

Back D-ring extension strap 45 mm webbing.
Screw gate triangle to attach to harness

Protecta AK043 Duffel Bag

Dia: 300mm x 500mm
Type: Duffel Bag

DBI-SALA AJ520 Screw Gate Carabiner Connector

15.5mm Gate Opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA KJ5105S Screw Karabiner Connector

17mm Gate opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA AL420C Protecta Rope Restraint Lanyard

Length: 2.0m
Type: Restraint Lanyard

DBI-SALA 2000112 Saflok Carabiner Connector

17 mm gate opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA AL432 Protecta Restraint Lanyard

Length: 1.0m
Type: Restraint Lanyard

Protecta AK066 Equipment and Storage Bag

Size: 350 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm
Type: Storage Bag

3M DBI-SALA 1500090 Battery Holster / Sleeve

4.5 kg (10 lb) capacity
Type: Tool Holsters

3M Protecta AK053 Red and Grey Protecta Back Pack

Size: 150mm L x 300mm W x 400mm H
Type: Bag

DBI-SALA 1500050 Hook2Loop Medium Duty Tool Lanyard

15.9 Kg (35 lb) capacity
Type: locking carabiner

3M Protecta Anchorage D ring stainless steel

Anchorage D-Ring for use with a 12mm fixing, supplied without fixing

3M DBI-SALA 1500093 Hammer Belt Holster

2.3 kg (5 lb) capacity
Type: Tool Belts & Accessories

3M DBI-SALA 1500105 Extra Deep Single Tool Holster

2.3 kg (5 lb) capacity
Type: Tool Holster

3M DBI-SALA 1500113 Utility Tool Belt

Size: X-Large-3X-Large (40" - 54")
Type: Tool Belts & Accessories

3M DBI-SALA Hook2Loop Bungee Tether - Medium Duty

15.9 kg (35 lb) capacity
Locking carabiner

DBI-SALA AJ521 Black Self Locking Carabiner Connector

18 mm opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA AL422 Protecta Rope Work Positioning Lanyard

Length: 2.0m
Type: Work Positioning Lanyard

DBI-SALA AJ531 Green Self Locking Carabiner Connector

17 mm opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA AL4000 FIRST Rope Restraint Lanyard

Type: Restraint Lanyard

DBI-SALA 2000127 Self Locking Carabiner Connector

18mm Gate opening
Type: Connector

3M DBI-SALA 1500051 Hook2Loop Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard

Locking carabiner
Type: Tool Lanyard

3M DBI-SALA 1500009 D-Ring Attachment with Cord

Pack of 10
Type: Tool D Rings

DBI-SALA AJ572 Triple Twist Lock Carabiner Connector

24mm Gate Opening
Type: Connector

DBI-SALA KL216SS Triple Twist Lock Carabiner

21mm Gate opening
Type: Connector

DBI- SALA 3M AE5000 Protecta FIRST Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Length: 6.35m
Type: Shock Absorbing Lanyards

3M DBI-SALA 1500132 Utility Pouch

Worn off the Belt
Type: Tool Pouch

DBI-SALA Suspension Trauma 9501403 Safety Straps

Safety Straps
Type: Harness Accessories

Sling AM401G Galvanised steel 100cm

Size: 100cm
Type: Sling

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