Re-breather Masks

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Rebreather Masks

We offer a range of Draeger Rebreather masks, many of which are made to the same standards as those demanded by The Royal Navy and US Navy seals.

Compact in size, ergonomic and state of the art in design and operation, these units are totally reliable and in accordance with UK and US military and government standards.

Designed to recycle a substantial amount of the wearer’s exhaled air that would normally be released into the atmosphere by mixing it with fresh oxygen, thereby extending operating time or reducing the size and weight of the cylinder.

Rebreather units are needed in a number of hostile environments such as underwater, in space, in high altitudes such as mountaineering as well as fire fighting.

Rebreather systems are also used in hospitals for administering anaesthetic gas and air mixtures to patients undergoing surgery as well as in mining rescue and in hostile chemical or industrial situations.

These units are both simple to use and utterly reliable and robust in construction, allowing the user to concentrate on the job in hand without having to worry about their safety or breathing equipment, even in the most dangerous and life threatening environments.

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