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Protecta AK0100 Carrying Bag for Aluminium Tripod

Carrying bag with zipper and web handles for Protecta
2.4m aluminium tripod

DBI-SALA Advanced Winch/SRL Mating Mounting Bracket Adaptor

Winch/SRL mounting bracket adaptor mates with digital winch/bracket and attaches to a tripod/davit bracket.

3M Protecta AC202/01 Cobra Vertical Lifeline Ropes

Cobra Manual and Automatic rope grab device
£102.50 £87.15

Advanced Top Pulley Assembly for UCT Series Tripods

Accommodates up to 6.3 mm (1/4in.) diameter lifeline.
£104.00 £88.40

Checkmate FABXR-DB Mounting Bracket

Adjustable bracket designed to mount the FABXR to the Checkmate TR2/TR3 Tripod
£145.50 £123.67

Checkmate WG-01 Worm Gear Winch

Worm Gear Winch can be used as a primary man-riding winch
£888.50 £755.22

PRO AT200/I20 Confined Space Winch

Confined space winch with 20 m 5mm stainless steel cable lifeline
£1,015.00 £862.75

DBI-SALA EZ-Line 7605061 Temporary Horizontal Life line

Built-in pre-tension and impact indicators
Extremely lightweight
£1,272.00 £1,081.20

DBI-SALA Salalift II KT2PW60L Winch

Winch with 18 m (60 ft.) of 6.3 mm (1/4 in.)
Galvanised steel wire rope and swivel snap hook
£1,920.00 £1,632.00