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Winches & Hoists

Winches / Hoists

Our range of hand operated winches and hoists (often referred to as a cable pulling machine) are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards and are both durable and versatile. They are ideal for a range of applications including pulling, lifting, lowering and securing loads. Our wire rope winches and hoists are safe and easy to set up and operate; ensuring productivity, efficiency and safety are all paramount in a variety of settings and situations. They are also easily portable, making it easy for transportation and use in different places, wherever they are needed! Our winches importantly also have mechanical overload protection, which ensures high levels of personal safety when in operation and provides that all-important peace of mind.
A hand operated wire rope hoist is still used today by Fire services worldwide, and have been for decades. These are a valuable addition to any construction projects; they are very versatile cable pulling machines.
Our hand operated Wire Rope Winches all come supplied with 20 metres of wire rope and an extendable operating lever. The wire rope is tapered at one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end. These Wire Rope Winches are easy to service and have very low maintenance requirements ensuring you can always rely on them!

- Machinery directive 98/37/ec

Common Uses:
• Cable pulling
• Telecoms
• Tensioning
• Installations of Lifts and Elevators
• Tree Stump Removal
• Vehicle Recovery
• Emergency Services