Abtech Slix Half Stretcher 


The SLIXHALV is a versatile and efficient stretcher designed to provide rapid and
reliable assistance in various emergency scenarios. Its simple, low­cost, and
robust design ensures swift deployment and ease of use, making it an essential
tool for emergency responders and medical personnel. The stretcher features an
'arms out' design, complete with a head pocket and groin straps, catering to the
needs of the user and enhancing patient safety. 


Key Features:

'Arms Out' Design: The design of the SLIXHALV stretcher allows for quick and
effective placement of the patient, ensuring their comfort and stability during
Head Pocket and Groin Straps: Equipped with a head pocket and groin straps,
the stretcher securely holds the patient in place, minimizing movement and
reducing the risk of further injury.
Versatile Deployment: The SLIXHALV stretcher excels in tight confined spaces,
making it ideal for various environments such as narrow corridors and sewer
pipes as well as railway embankments and open ground.
Low Friction Skin: The stretcher's skin boasts a low­friction surface that
prevents ruckling or snagging, allowing for smooth movement during dragging
and transport.
Reinforced Head End Eyelet: A reinforced eyelet at the head end enables easy
attachment of drag ropes, ensuring stability and control during transportation.
User­Replaceable Closure/Carry Handles: All closure and carry handles on the
stretcher are designed for user­replacement, enhancing the stretcher's longevity
and ease of maintenance.


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W): 105cm x 88cm (laid flat)
Weight: 5kg
Material: LDPE
Load Capacity: 140KG



Emergency Response: Swiftly deploy the SLIXHALV stretcher in emergency
situations to facilitate safe and efficient patient transport.
Search and Rescue: Navigate through tight spaces and challenging terrains with
ease, ensuring the well­being of patients during rescue operations.
Medical Transport: Use the stretcher for transfe


Safety Precautions:

Proper training is recommended for individuals using the stretcher to ensure
safe and effective deployment.
Regular maintenance and inspection of user­replaceable components are
essential for optimal performance.

Abtech Slix Half Stretcher

Manufacturer: Abtech
£560.37 excl vat £672.44 inc vat

Abtech Slix Half Stretcher

£560.37 excl vat £672.44 inc vat
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