Abtech Tuff Counterweight Davit Kit

Max - H: 1070mm R: 711mm
Counterweight Base
£ 7150.65 £5,849.98 £7,019.98

Abtech Tuff Counterweight Davit Kit

The Abtech Tuff Counterweight Davit Kit comes equipped with everything required for entering a confined space or lowering into an open area. 

360kg of weights are supplied with the unit to balance the davit in place, providing a 4:1 Safety factor for a single user. 

Designed for use on both even and uneven grounds due to adjustable legs. Built for man riding applications, the equipped winch supports 140kg as a single reeved system, and 240kg as a double reeved system. 

The kit in full includes the following products;

  • Abtech Counterweight Base (30073)
  • Abtech 67" Large Upper Davit (30105)
  • Abtech 52" Large Lower Davit (30109)
  • Abtech 15m Fall Arrest Winch, 150kg Capacity (AB15RT)
  • Abtech (60005) 30m Man Riding Winch, 140/240kg Capacity, 5mm Galvanised Steel Cable
  • 360kg of Round Dumb-Bell Weights
  • All required brackets supplied with kit

Conforms to: BS EN 795 TYPE B


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