Checkmate ATOM-XD Inertia Reel

1.8m Webbing Lifeline
Type: Dual Fall Arrest Block
£ 206 £164.80 £197.76

Checkmate ATOM-X Dual Fall Arrest Block / Inertia Reel 

Mini Dual Fall arrest block / inertia reel / retractable type fall arrester

Length: 1.8m Lifeline

Weight: 1.8kg

  • Materials: composite mouldings UV stabilised, carbon steel black zinc plated, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and Vectran webbing
  • Dimensions: (Xcalibre single) 88mm x 73mm x 64mm excluding karabiners
  • Weight 1.8kg including bag
  • Capacity: 2m
  • Attached directly to harness rear 'D'
  • Connectors: complete with alloy swivel load indicator twist lock karabiner on life line, other connectors available on request.
  • Arrest force: circa 4.0kN
  • Total Arrest distance: 1.3m
  • Brake lock on distance: 100mm nominal
  • Max user weight: 150kg

ATOM-X is the smallest and lightest fall arrest block in its class in the world. Its lightweight chassis, PC ABS housing and Dyneema webbing contribute to its outstanding strength and performance. By using a simple stainless steel yoke attachment system two ATOM-X's can be linked together creating a dual or twin tail device.

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