Crowcon Tetra T4 Multi 4 Gas Detector with Charger

Gas Detected: 4 Gas H2S, CO, O2 and LEL
Type: Multi Gas Detector with Charger
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Crowcon Tetra T4 Multi Gas Detector with charger

This unit has been Safety Gear Store's primary multi gas monitor for the past few years due to its small design and one button operation giving the user an easy to use monitor offering personal multi gas warning in confined spaces and other hazardous areas.

T4 - 4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2 (3yr), H2S, CO

• Carbon monoxide
• Hydrogen sulphide
• Oxygen
• Flammable gases

T4 offers you compliance, robustness and a low cost of ownership in a simple to use solution.

T4 contains a wide range of features to make everyday use easier and safer:

TWA Resume function
Unique to T4, this innovative feature ensures toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire shift, even if T4 is switched off for a break or during travel to another site.

24 hour battery life
Safely work multiple or longer shifts between charges, covered by the exceptional 24 hour battery life.

Backlit display
Large clear display with backlight and option to flip the screen 180° for easy viewing whilst worn.

Rugged design
With a thick anti-shock rubber casing and drop tested to 4 metres on concrete, T4 provides dependable operation under the most demanding use. Water & dust resistant to IP65 & IP67.

Positive Safety indicator
A simple ‘traffic light’ status indicator which, at a glance, provides visual assurance of operational and compliance status to both users and supervisors. Green light - Working safely Red light - Attention required

Intrinsically safe
Approved for ATEX Zone 0 and UL Class 1 Div 1 for operation in the widest range of environments.

Dedicated sensors
One sensor for every gas ensures effective, fast and reliable detection.

Multiple alarms
Audible 95dB alarm, bright red/blue LED’s and vibrating alerts provide effective warning to gas hazards.

Easy operation
Large single button and intuitive menu system minimise training and allow easy operation whilst wearing gloves.

Safety Gear Store offers an onsite service/calibration for gas detection monitors and other equipment such as escape sets if this is more suitable for you then please email or call 0333 0120121 for a quotation.


Operator Manual


Standard Configuration  
T4-HOCA 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA 3 gas - O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-HOZA 3 gas - H2S, O2, CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOZA 2 gas - O2,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCZ 2 gas - O2,CO
T4-HOCA-H2 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA-H2 3 gas - O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
Alternate alarm levels / certifications
T4-HOCA-XX 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA-XX 3 gas - O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-HOZA-XX 3 gas - H2S, O2, CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOZA-XX 2 gas - O2,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCZ-XX 2 gas - O2,CO
T4-HOCA-H2-XX 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA-H2-XX 3 gas - O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
Including cradle charger
T4-HOCA-XX-CRD 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA-XX-CRD 3 gas - O2, CO,CH4 % LEL
T4-HOZA-XX-CRD 3 gas - H2S, O2, CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOZA-XX-CRD 2 gas - O2,CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCZ-XX-CRD 2 gas - O2,CO
T4-HOCA-H2-XX-CRD 4 gas - H2S, O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
T4-ZOCA-H2-XX-CRD 3 gas - O2, CO (H2 resistant),CH4 % LEL
More Information
Gases Detected
Carbon Monoxide (CO) , Combustible Gases, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Oxygen (O2)
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