Globestock GSEWK-30G Tripod Kit

Max: Height - 2400mm
Complete Kit - No Configuration Required
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Globestock GSEWK-30G Tripod Kit


The GSEWK-30G Tripod kit consists of:

  • GSE210 G.Tripod
  • GSE070-150-30G 150kg G.Winch 
  • SA070USP Pulley
  • x2 SA200WB Brackets



The G.Tripod is an EN795 anchorage device that is durable and lightweight. It provides a secure and stable anchorage for confined space access and down-hole applications. 

Commonly used in conjunction with the G.Saver II and G.Winch. 

  • Tubular aluminium (robust & lightweight) 
  • Simple folding design
  • Twin pulley option (two devices can be mounted in tandem)
  • Suitable for up to 1.75m diameter aperture
  • 136kg Safe Working Load



Globestocks lifting pulleys are suitable for many applications, in this configuration they would be used alongside the tripod and winch.

The two side plates rotate apart, allowing a rope to be fitted.

The pulley is supplied with the required karabiner and suits both 5mm & 6mm rope.

Both a 150kg and 250kg pulley is available, as the G.Tripod allows the use of 2 pulleys.


Load Winch - G.Winch

The G.Winch is specifically certified for the lifting and lowering of personnel. It is a personnel winch that may also be used for load lifting.

The anti-run braking mechanism means that, if the winding arm is released during lifting, the winch automatically locks. Holding the person / load steady until the handle is rotated again by the operator. 

The 1:8.9 gear ratio make personnel lifting easy, and allows 50mm of cable retrieval per rotation. 

There are two versions available: 

150kg MWL - up to 50m 

250kg MWL - up to 40m

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