Ikar AASS-1 Davit

Max - H:2276mm R:1035.5mm
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Ikar AASS-1 Confined Space Rescue Davit

Tested as an anchorage device for PSEF in accordance with DIN EN 795:1996/Class B

The IKAR cantilever arm has been specially developed for use with the IKAR height-safety device with rescue hoisting facility type Inertia Reel. It is available with ground and wall sleeve.

The cantilever arm itself is mobile, i.e. it can be released from the sleeve very quickly and used at another location. The cantilever arm is designed in such a way that a load winch can be mounted additionally to the height-safety device.

- Specially developed for stationary use in safety and rescue cases for two persons as well as for lifting and lowering loads.

- Variable fastenings via ground and wall sleeve

- Suitable for fast relocation

- Can be used with Inertia Reel rescue devices

- V2A stainless steel design

- Stable thanks to solid construction, high quality,

- Can be equipped with accessories

Recovery Inertia Reel Info / Specs

Fall Arrest Block with an integral recovery mechanism, available with 12, 18, 24,30,42m steelrope lifeline in an aluminum housing to EN360:2002 and EN1496

This aluminum housed fall arrest block is a sturdy, low maintenance device fitted with a steelrope lifeline, terminated with a steel double action hook, be used in conjunction with DB-A2 aluminum tripod, to protect the user when ascending and descending a vertical shaft i.e. entry into a sewer system.

This fall arrest block also has a built in recovery mechanism, which is engaged by pulling a pin on the side of the block and engaging a winding handle. This then allows the device to be used to lift or lower a casualty post fall, or if they have become incapacitated in a confined space.

The dimensions and weight of this inertia reel very dependent on length. Please call if you require specific weights / dimensions.

Load Winch Info / Specs

The IKAR load winch is suitable for easy and jolt free lifting and lowering of diverse loads.

Load winch for use with an IKAR aluminium tripod DB-A2 to DIN292 
The load winch comes complete with 20 m x 6mm galvanised steel rope to give an SWL of 250 Kg. 
This load winch is for “load” only and is not suitable for man riding.

Winch Weight 7kg approx


Man-Riding Winch Info / Specs 

The IKAR PLWD Man-Riding Winch is suitable for easy and jolt free lifting of both loads and personnel.

The PLWD winch comes with 30m of 6mm Cable and boasts a SWL rating of 300kg

Compatiable with all IKAR Tripods and Davits, requires mounting bracket which is included in the price within the selections. 

Complies to EN1808

Winch Weight - 16.1kg


Mounting Sockets

Ground socket

Finish: stainless steel V2A 
Weight: 12 kg


Ground Socket-submersible, for setting in concrete

Finish: stainless steel V2A 
retractable ground socket 
Part of IKAR- cantilever arms 
Weight: 12 kg


Wall sleeve
Finish: stainless steel V2A 
Wall sleeve, part of IKAR- cantilever arms 
Weight: 12 kg


Ground Socket-submersible, for core hole

Finish: V2A stainless steel with cap and 1½ inch drain pipe connection 

Retractable ground socket for core drill hole

Mounting using special Betonvergussmasse for core hole diameter stepped bores D1 = Ø 160 mm or Ø 120 mm D2 = 
Dimensions: 335 mm total length, Ø160 / Ø120 mm
Weight: 5 kg

*please note - attachments etc in picture may differ from those being ordered

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