Ikar IKGBABS3AWH40 Rescue Kit

40m Working Length
Kit Type: Controlled Descent
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Ikar IKGBABS3AWH40 Rescue Kit

Controlled descent rescue system with casualty lifting and remote reach capabilities; tested and certified in Germany to conform to the relevant European Standards.

Designed for workers using full body fall arrest harnesses in conjunction with energy absorbing lanyards; retractable type devices or guided type fall arrestors they offer a compact, fully assembled and easily transported rescue from height solution. The kit contains:

- IKAR ABS3WH controlled descent device with rescue lifting facility;
- 10mm diameter kernmantle rope with small double action hooks at each end;
- 1.0 metre webbing anchorage sling;
- Small steel screw-gate karabiner;
- IKAR extendable remote reach rescue pole;
- Purpose made rescue tackle bag;
- Information/instruction card.


The ABS3WH devices have automatic speed regulation. The brakes are controlled by centrifugal forces which maintain a constant descent speed. An integral crank handle can be activated to disengage the automatic lower off, and by turning the handle the lifting facility is gained. The casualty can then be lifted up to the original work platform or once the casualty has been raised sufficiently to release the used fall arrest device, the automatic function can be re-engaged to allow the casualty lower off. By using the lifting and releasing rescue action, the ABS3WH Rescue Kits are “NO CUT” rescue systems.

These rescue kits can be used where the casualty can be reached by the rescue personnel and also when the casualty is hanging in free space below the rescue platform. The remote reach rescue pole extends and the bracket holds the small double action hook on the end of the rope in the gate open position. Once the hook locates in the casualty’s harness, the pole is removed and the safety gate closes.

These low maintenance devices have a hard wearing, shock proof aluminium housing; heavy duty plastic crank wheel and handle; and, offer extremely low weight for the distance of rescue lower off available.

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