Invicta Boat Skips


Our Boat Skips include a specific self-dumping system. They are ideal for moving goods and building materials on site, such as cement. These high-quality skips perform efficiently and safely. They are lifted and emptied automatically without the need for any assistance, which eliminates the risk of danger to the personnel or operative. Our robust manufacturing ensures the skips suit the condition and environment in which they work.



  • Low Loading Height.
  • No manual intervention needed.
  • Bail Arm Rest when not in use.
  • Integral Locking Bale Arm once lifted.
  • Reinforced Body Sides and Rear
  • Reinforced leading edge.
  • Painted bright orange for safety




1. Position lifting hook into position directly above lifting point on boat skip.
2. Secure lifting hook into lifting eye on attachment & ensure hook is full engaged.
3. Ensure bale arm is in the locked position via the side bolt.
4. Prepare to take load, ensuring shark fin is engaged in its keep before carrying out the lift
5. The attachment is now ready to carry out the lift.
6. Once the load is ready to be emptied placed on level ground, release the side bolt to allow free movement of the bale arm
7. Lower the bale arm to the rest plate ensuring shark fin is disengaged from keep. Then commence the straight lift of the bale arm to allow emptying movement
8. Continue the straight lift which in turn will lift the boat skip & empty its contents

To commence another lift, follow steps:
9. Lower boat skip to safe position.
10. Lift bale arm ensuring shark fin is engaged in its keep.
11. Ensure safety side bolt is in position.
12. The boat skips is now ready to carry out another lift.



1. The Boat Skip should be inspected before each use for general condition with particular attention paid to:
a. All weld points
b. Wear and distortion of lifting eye
c. Any damage/worn components/pivot pin/shoot bolts/shark fin & keep
2. Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use of the attachment.
3. General surface rusting especially in the critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
4. This product is certified for six (6) months from the date of manufacture after which it is the customers responsibility to have the product re-tested at an approved testing facility or inspected and logged in a register by a competent person as advised by the HSE.



1. The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation, maintenance and that safety pins are deployed correctly.
2. Ensure both the lifting equipment and attachments are capable of handling the intended load and its contents.
3. Ensure when emptying the Boat Skip or lowering into desired position, there is always a banksman present to aid safe operation.
4. To be used in conjunction with safe working load of pallet forks minus the weight of cage.
5. Do not shock load the attachment under any circumstances.
6. The safe working load of the boat skip must not be exceeded at any point.
7. Keep hands and fingers clear of all moving parts so as to prevent trapping.



Specification Sheet

Invicta Boat Skips

Manufacturer: Invicta Attachments
SKU: IBS-500
£969.60 excl vat £1163.52 inc vat

Invicta Boat Skips

£969.60 excl vat £1163.52 inc vat
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