Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener

Removable Transfastener

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The Latchways Transfastener

A crucial element of most Latchways fall arrest systems is the unique Latchways Transfastener, which is covered by international patents.

The Transfastener’s ingenious starwheel design allows continuous movement along the cable and eliminates the need for people using the system to detach and reattach to the system when changing direction or crossing cable supports. Thereby eliminating the risk of human error that occurs when using a two karabiner method.

The Transfastener can be used from both sides of the system and moves along horizontal systems, around corners and up and down inclines. Product variations enable the same convenience and safety for ladder, tower and overhead systems.

The Latchways Transfastener is made from 316S and 17/4 PH stainless steel to ensure strength and prevent corrosion.


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