RIken Keiki GX-8000 Portable Oxygen (O2) Monitor with Internal Pump


The GX-8000 Single Gas Oxygen Monitor establishes a groundbreaking industry benchmark for robust, dependable, and portable gas detection.

This resilient, featherweight, sample-drawing multi-gas monitor is engineered for continuous and simultaneous Oxygen monitoring, measuring Oxygen (O2) within a range of 0-40% volume.

The GX-8000-O2 is offered with Alarm or No Alarm options (for inerting applications), along with the choice of Alkaline or Lithium-Ion batteries.

Featuring a rugged IP-67 waterproof design, it excels in challenging and demanding environments. Suitable for diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, utilities, wastewater treatment, telecommunications, and marine shipping.

Its compact, lightweight design ensures comfortable portability with the shoulder/neck strap, while an optional waist strap allows for hands-free use. Operating single-handed is easy, and the powerful 750ml/minute built-in pump swiftly draws a sample from 30m within seconds. The GX-8000-O2 holds ATEX Exia II CT4 approval for Hazardous areas and includes a datalogging function.

Riken's GX-8000 stands out for its user-friendly design and unwavering reliability, reflecting 75 years of expertise as a leading gas detector manufacturer. Certified to international standards (ATEX/IECEx/MED (wheel mark), etc.), the GX-8000 is a testament to Riken's commitment to quality and safety.


Target gasCombustibles
(CH4, i-C4H1O, H2, others)
Hydrogen Sulfide
Carbon Monoxide
Detection principleThermal ConductivityCatalytic CombustionGalvanic cellElectro-chemicalElectro-chemical
Detection range
0-100 vol%
0-100 LEL%
Gas alarmN/A1st : 10%LEL
2nd: 50%LEL
1st : 19.5%
2nd: 23.5%
1st : 10.0ppm
2nd: 30.0ppm
TWA: 10.0ppm
STEL: 15.0ppm
1st : 25ppm
2nd: 50ppm
TWA: 25ppm
STEL: 200ppm
Types of alarmGas alarm : Latching, 2 alarms
Failure alarm: Flow failure, Sensor failure, Battery failure, Circuit failure, Calibration failure
Display of alarmLED: -Flashing LED’s
Buzzer:: -Buzzer sounds alternates between a low and high pitch
Visual display: -Indication value flashes. Alarm message displays and flashes.
Alarm soundMore than 95dB (A) at 30cm
DisplayDigital LCD with auto backlight
Digital display (7 segments) and digital bar graph (25 segments)
(50 segments with single gas versions GX-8000 Type LEL & Type O2)
Sampling methodSample Draw, Minimum 0.75L/min
Power sourceLithium-ion battery as standard (fully charged in 3 hours)
Optional 3pcs AA alkaline battery pack also available
(Alkaline battery pack standard with single gas versions:
GX-8000 Type O2 / GX-8000 Type LEL
-Lithium-ion battery optional)
Continuous operationLithium-ion battery: more than 12 hours (GX-8000 Type O2, more than 20 hours)
AA alkaline battery pack: more than 6 hours (GX-8000 Type O2, more than 12 hours)
Operating temp & humidity-20~+50°C, -4-+122°F below 95%&RH (Non-condensing)
Dimensions & WeightApprox. 154(W) x 81(H) x 127(D) mm, Approx. 1.1kg with Lithium ion battery (Alkaline battery 0.9kg)
Approx. 6.1″(W) x 3.1″(H) x 4.9″(D), Approx. 2.4lb with Lithium ion battery (Alkaline battery 2.0lb)
Ingress proof ratingIP67
Explosion proofIntrinsically safe Exia II CT4
ApprovalsIECEx, ATEX, MED (Wheel Mark), CE, TIIS, HK
Additional featuresActivity indicator (pilot indicator and pump driving indicator), Pump stop function, Bump test function,
IrDA communication, Data logger, Password protection
(GX-8000 single gas versions Type LEL & Type O2
with confidence beep and LED flash (once every minute)



  • Real-time, detection of Oxygen 0-40% Volume

    ideal for Oxygen leak detection or general Oxygen Monitoring

  • Strong sample drawing capability (0.75L/min)

    Check areas for Oxygen levels before entry even in deep tanks or underground spaces

  • Intrinsically Safe ATEX Exia II CT4 approved

    Suitable for Hazardous areas

  • IP67 water and dust resistant

    Ideal for harsh environments

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery option

    long service life

  • Data logging as standard

    Download on to computer with optional IrDA adapter and read with free software

RIken Keiki GX-8000 Portable Oxygen (O2) Monitor with Internal Pump

SKU: GX-8000
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RIken Keiki GX-8000 Portable Oxygen (O2) Monitor with Internal Pump

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