Riken Keiki RX-8500 Sample Drawing Portable Multi Gas Monitor for Cargo Monitoring on LNG Tankers


The Riken Keiki RX-8500 Portable Multi Gas Monitor is designed for measuring multiple gases in inert or air atmospheres. Their main application is aboard LNG marine tankers. They replace and improve upon the very successful RX-515 family.

Users typically use them to measure gas concentrations in storage tanks or piping during inerting/purging and tank maintenance work. Their advanced sensor technology gives accurate gas measurement even in Nitrogen (N2) and other inert environments.


Target GasMethane (CH4)Oxygen (O2)Carbon Monoxide (CO)Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Detection PrincipalNon- Dispersive Infrared RayGalvanic CellElectro-ChemicalNon-Dispersive Infrared Ray
Detection range0-100.0%LEL/









0.1%vol  (5-20%vol)

Samples Method Sample Draw 
Sampling Rate Minimum 0.75L/min
Display Digital LCD (7 segment + sign + bar display)
Power Supply Lithium-Ion Battery ( Standard )

Alkaline battery (AA battery x 3)( option)

Continous Supply Li-ion battery : Longer than 15 hours ( full charge, no alarm, no light at 25 Deg C)

AA Battery Unit : Longer than 8 hours ( new battery , no alarm, no light at 25 Deg C)

Operating temp and Humidity -20-+50 deg C , below 85% RH (Non-condensing )
Dimensions Approx 154(W) x 81(H) x 163(D) mm
Weight Approx 1.3kg ( Lithium battery type , 1.2kg Alkaline battery type)
Ingress Rating IP-67
Explosion Proof Intrinsically safe (Ex ia II CT4)(ATEX/IECEx)
Approvals ATEX/IECDx . TIIS . MED 
Other Functions LCD backlight , Datalogger , Log data , Peak Hold , Pump stop function
Transmission Method IrDA for Datalogger



  • CH4/O2/CO/CO2 (8500)

    Designed Specifically LNG Tanker cargo Monitoring

  • Accurately measure CH4 from inerted tanks with infrared sensor.

    Ideal for Cargo Monitoring

  • Autoranging IR sensor

    Dual range detection of CH4 in % vol and %LEL

  • Robust and intrinsically safe design

    ATEX and MED (wheel-mark) Marine Type Approval

  • State of the Art Lithium Ion battery.

    Both Long lasting and fast charging

  • IrDA communications port

    Down load data logger contents with optional Adapter and software

Riken Keiki RX-8500 Sample Drawing Portable Multi Gas Monitor

for Cargo Monitoring on LNG Tankers
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Riken Keiki RX-8500 Sample Drawing Portable Multi Gas Monitor

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