Tractel Stopcable 150kg and Accessories

Permanent Vertical Lifeline
Manufacturer: Tractel
Stopcable 150kg
Tractel Stopcable 150kg
Permanent Vertical Lifeline
SKU: Stopcable 150kg
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Stopcable 150kg Cable
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Cable
Permanent Vertical Lifeline
SKU: 37422
£178.00 excl vat £213.60 inc vat
Stopcable U Bolts
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - U Bolt
Accessories for Stopcable 150kg
SKU: 18132
£7.50 excl vat £9.00 inc vat
Cablestop Shock Absorber
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Shock Absorber
Tractel Energy Shock-absorber for Stopcable
SKU: 90049
£150.00 excl vat £180.00 inc vat
Stopcable 150kg Cable guide
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Cable Guide
Cable guide for Tractel Stopcable
SKU: 108857
£42.00 excl vat £50.40 inc vat
Stopcable Tensioning Device
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Tensioning Device/Counterweight
Stopcable Tensioning Device or Counterweight
SKU: 129445
£161.00 excl vat £193.20 inc vat
Stopcable 150kg Fall prevention Device
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Fall Prevention Device
Fall prevention for Stopcable 150kg
SKU: 72272
£123.00 excl vat £147.60 inc vat
Stopcable 150kg Anchor Point
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Anchor point
Anchor Point for Tractel Stopcable
SKU: 17872
£49.50 excl vat £59.40 inc vat
Stopcable Signpost
Tractel Stopcable 150kg - Signpost
Signpost for Stopcable System
SKU: 146465
£22.00 excl vat £26.40 inc vat

Tractel Stopcable 150kg and Accessories

Stopcable 150kg

The use of a ladder to gain access to a high-level workstation can pose an element of risk.

The purpose of the StopcableTM 150 kg system is to ensure the safety of personnel throughout their ascent.

The Stopcable vertical lifeline is a mobile anchoring device to enable a person to move on a vertical axis in perfect safety and without having to disconnect themselves. It consists of a fixed point and individual mobile equipment.

The Stopcable vertical lifeline was designed, created and tested to comply with the requirements of the EN353-1 and EN 353-2 standards.


• Galvanized or stainless steel cable.
• Start kit: 3 m cable supplied with swage on one side and 3 steel cable clamps.
• Add additional length per meter.

  • Extra galvanised cable (25101) is £4.8 per metre
  • Extra stainless steel cable (25091 is £10.50 per metre
  • Please contact SGS directly if you require extra cable length

U bolt

The jumpers or stirrups enable the
connection of the anchor terminals
and the cable guides to the ladder

• Material: Stainless steel

Shock absorber

• Material: stainless steel clevis pin,
• PU shock absorber.

Cable Guide

To be installed approximately every 10m. The purpose of the cable guide is to restrict cable play.

• Material: stainless steel and rubber.

Tensioning Device/Counterweight

Spring tensioning device.

• Material: stainless steel clevis pin, pre-tension indicator.
• Counterweight (should be used at the bottom end of the installation, if this end is not fixed onto the ladder)

Fall prevention device

Fall arrester with shock absorber.

• Anti-reversibility system
• Supplied with M10 connector
• Absorber webbing strap
• Material: Stainless steel

Anchor point

Top and bottom anchor point.

• Material: Galvanized steel or stainless steel
• 2 models:
• H - Horizontal support
• V - Vertical support


Informational signpost for the Tractel Stopcable system, including safety information and areas to write important information such as installation date, number of users and date of next inspection.

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