The Virustatic Shield

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The Virustatic Shield

The Virustatic Shield helps slow the spread of viruses like no other face mask currently on the market.  Its revolutionary protein coating disables virusis on contact.

The full face snood is lightweight and can be worn with comfort for hours at a time.  Its safe to handle, reusable and effective for three washes.

The Virustatic Shield has been developed primarily to reduce pathogenic microbial intake into the human respiratory system. Inhalation of these microbes have been inappropriately added to respiratory protective equipment regulations principally designed to protect the user from toxic particulates.

  • Unique Antiviral coating neutralises 96% of airborne viruses
  • Hygeinic fabric coating disables virus, so your shield is safe to touch
  • Cuts risk of cross contamination from saliva droplets
  • Protects your critical virus infection points; nose, mouth and ears

Protein coating continues to protect for up to a maximum of 3 (Hand) washes. 


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