Tractel Travflex 2 Lifeline

Travflex 2 is a single cable lifeline, enabling automatic passage over anchors. The lifeline is designed for installation on concrete roofs and corrugated metallic tray roofing and complies with the requirements of the EN 795 C standard. Intermediate anchors must be positioned no more than 30 meters apart. The lifeline is designed for up to three users. travflex 2 may be installed on metallic roofing with a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm or on concrete roofs. It can also be fitted in a straight line on a façade.

• Highly versatile in terms of where it can be installed and how it can be used.
• Easy to pass over intermediary anchors, no need for manual intervention.
• The user can work on either side of the lifeline. There is no need to disconnect when changing sides (improved safety).

• Exclusive wedge clamp system eliminating risk of loosening over time.
• No special equipment required for assembly. Standard tools are sufficient.
• The wire rope is extremely quick to assemble for enhanced efficiently.
• In the event of a fall, the anchors need to be replaced but this can be done without dismantling the entire lifeline, saving time.

Travflex 2 Slider

Mobile, sliding anchor point for TravflexTM 2 lifelines, can be connected and disconnected.

• Tractel® patent
• Stainless steel

Universal Mounting Plate for Travflex 2

The Universal plate is designed to be installed on light
structures for our travflexTM 2 lifeline and ringflex
anchor point.

There are two versions available, depending on the
intended use:

• Plate for extremity & intermediate bracket or anchor point.
• Plate for curved bracket.

The plate can be mounted on a wide range of roofs:
• Metal sheet roofing (min. thickness 0.4 mm)
• Sandwich panel (min. thickness ext. sheet 0.4 mm)
• Aluminium standing seam (min. thickness 1 mm)

Depending on the application, the plate is supplied with a set of 4 clamps or a set of 12 rivets

Every Universal plate is supplied with the installation manual
Both the 4 clamp kit and the 12 rivet kit are delivered with 1x screw HM16, 2x M16 washers, 1x M16 locknut.

For more information or a personalised quote, please contact SGS directly on 0800 678 5708 or

Tractel Travflex 2 lifeline

Permanent Lifeline
Manufacturer: Tractel
SKU: Travflex 2 Lifeline
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Tractel Travflex 2 lifeline

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