Tractel Travspring One 150kg

The new travspringTM One lifeline is a derivative of the travspringTM lifeline. It complies with the European norm
EN792-C:2012 and the CEN/TS16415:2013 for multi-user.
It is designed as a simple and inexpensive lifeline for occasional use. The system requires a double lifeline to
pass the intermediate supports and curves.

150kg High Capacity Range
As an extension of Tractel® High Capcity Range, the travspringTM lifeline is now certified for user weighing up to 150kg including all their
equipment. This lifeline is certified for a simultaneous use for a maximum of 5 users 100kg or 3 users 150kg. In order to comply with the 150
kg classification, the harness and connection (lifelines, automatic fall arrest devices or guided fall arresters with flexible anchor line) must all
have a 150 kg classification.

Intermediate anchors must be positioned no more than 15 meters apart. In single span configuration (without intermediate anchor), Tractel has
certified the travspringTM lifeline with a maximum distance between end anchors of 30 meter.
The travspringTM lifeline is certified for the following installation: on a wall, on an inclined surface up to 15°, on the ground or on a post. In
addition, in a single span configuration, travspringTM can be installed overhead.
The system is supplied with a visual tension indicator and an in-line energy absorber.
Tractel® has tested and certified all its automatic fall arrest devices (EN360) and guided fall arresters with
flexible anchor line (EN353-2) from the 150kg range together with the travspringTM One. All lifelines certified to
EN 355 can be used with the travspringTM One.

• Thanks to the wedge socket, the risk of the cable clamp nuts coming loose over time is fully eliminated.
• No special tools are required for the installation of the lifeline.
• Few components to install.

Tractel Travspring One 150kg

Travspring One 150kg
Manufacturer: Tractel
SKU: Travspring One 150kg
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Tractel Travspring One 150kg

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