Uniglove Nitrex 340 RF


The Nitrex 340RF Cut Resistant Gloves feature two of Uniglove's new technologies – Unigloves NitreGuard™ Technology to bring you added protection and enhanced performance in a variety of applications, including your most high-risk task and Sanitized® Hygiene and Odour Control Function.  

Nitrex 340RF user benefits:  

  • Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard Technology  

  • Featuring Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function 

  • 13 gauge seamless nylon liner with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre 

  • Cut resistant level D (equiv to level 5) 

  • Foam nitrile palm coating 

  • Excellent abrasion and tear properties  

  • Reinforced thumb crotch  

  • Touch screen compatible 

  • Heat resistance up to 100°C 

  • Tested to EN388 and EN ISO 21420 

The new Nitrex by Unigloves range has been developed with some of the most high-risk tasks in mind. From cutting risks to thermal hazard, contact with hazardous chemicals, tears and abrasions, the Nitrex range keeps hands safe without ever compromising on productivity, comfort, or value for money. The robust and reusable Nitrex gloves are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and provide you with a variety of safety solutions to meet all your hand protection needs.  

The Nitrex Cut Resistant Glove range has been designed to resist cutting hazards using Uniglove's NitreGuard Technology. This technology affords the Cut Resistant Gloves high performance in the straight blade cut test, as per EN388: 2016. Resistant to between ≥15 Newtons and <22 Newtons from a straight blade, these gloves will protect hands against high-level cut threats from glass, sharp metal edges, and other cutting risks such present in your workplace.  

The Uniglove Nitrex 340RF achieves cut level D, equiv to EN388:2003 cut 5 rated products and are an excellent safety glove solution to protect workers’ hands against cutting hazards, whilst providing excellent abrasion and tear resistance to extend the life of the glove and provide further hand protection. The reinforced thumb crotch also adds to the longevity of these gloves and protecting against abrasions and tears when handling abrasive materials or making repetitive actions that can cause degradation.  

The foam nitrile palm coating of Nitrex 340RF Cut Resistant Gloves is flexible, making for a better fit and greater dexterity, and assists in wicking moisture away from the glove to ensure grip is maintained. Resistant to oils and grease, the foam nitrile coating means better grip when working in challenging conditions whilst ensuring the back of the hand can breathe. Constructed with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre, this medium weight, flexible and form-fitting design reduces hand fatigue and protects against cuts whilst remaining comfortable, even after long hours of use.  

Nitrex 340RF gloves offers heat resistance for up to 100°C and are also compatible with touch screens, meaning hands are protected against cuts, abrasions, and thermal threats without the need to regularly remove gloves to interact with screens in the workplace. The Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function featured in these gloves helps to neutralise odours and reduce microbial growth for healthier hands and a more comfortable user experience.   

Sectors and applications  

Many workplaces pose a complex set of risks to workers’ hands and materials, and as such, selecting a safety glove can prove challenging. Uniglove's Nitrex 340RF achieves cut level D, equivalent to EN388:2003 cut 5 with touch screen compatibility, offers not only cut resistance but excellent abrasion resistance. The foam nitrile coating also provides resistance to oils and grease. For a heavy-duty safety glove that guarantees high performance and lasting comfort, there is no beating Nitrex 340RF.  

Unigloves Nitrex 340RF cut level D rated gloves are ideally suited to the following sectors:  

  • Aerospace 

  • Assembly 

  • Automotive 

  • Construction 

  • Engineering 

  • Glass handling 

  • Local authority 

  • Recycling 

  • Mechanics 

  • Railway maintenance 

  • Transportation 

  • Utilities 

  • Brewery 

  • Timber 

Some of the applications these touch screen safety gloves are suited to include:  

Packaging products for shipment: The packaging of goods requires a safety glove that offers both good dexterity and resistance to cuts and abrasions. Touch screen compatibility is an added benefit when working with screens to enter data and ensure performance isn’t interrupted in the process. The Nitrex 340RF touch screen safety gloves feature great dexterity and flexibility whilst protecting hands against cut and abrasions.  

Waste handling and recycling short line: For all waste handling and recycling tasks, a superior safety glove with good dexterity and high-level protection against cuts and abrasions is crucial. Nitrex 340RF cut 5 rated gloves safeguard hands against high-level cut risks whilst being flexible enough to enable precise handling of materials.  

Engineering: If you are an engineer requiring maximum abrasion and high cut protection, then the Nitrex by Unigloves 340RF is the best solution. This robust style covers many engineering tasks, from assembling and mounting components to working with metal and machine building. 

These level D cut resistant touch screen work gloves offer outstanding protection against cuts, abrasions and thermal risks. Resistant to oils and grease and providing exceptional grip thanks to the foam nitrile palm coating, these gloves make an ideal safety solution for an extensive range of applications. From bottling to construction, roofing, joinery, automotive, material handling and more – Unigloves Nitrex 340RF guarantees ongoing performance and superior protection, no matter the task at hand.


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Uniglove Nitrex 340 RF

SKU: 340RF
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Uniglove Nitrex 340 RF

£72.50 excl vat £87.00 inc vat
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