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SAR Products Ltd was founded in 2003 by Dave & Dorene Allport after Bacou-Dalloz (formally Troll Safety Equipment), closed the Troll factory in Saddleworth and moved production overseas.

Dave worked for over 22 years as a Technical Specialist for rescue & rope access. He designed equipment and techniques to be used in those areas. He also started the Troll Training School and trained Fire & Rescue Services, Police, and companies in the UK and around the world in rescue & rope techniques.

They pride themselves on manufacturing products that offer superior performance, reliability & user benefits. While at the same time are cost effective.

Their market knowledge and experience is what sets them apart. Their customer-focused attitude ensures that they continue to offer products that are backed up with exemplary customer service.

SAR Products Ltd now produces equipment that is shipped worldwide to over 20 different countries.

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SAR Strecher Accessories

Accessories for SAR stretcher products
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SAR RAD – Work Positioning Lanyard

Length: 2-5m
Multiple Connectors Available
From £104.07 excl vat

Sar M0012 Mild Steel Galvanised Oval Maillon

Maximum Load: 40kN
Gate open size: 16mm
£3.95 excl vat

Sar K0017 Steel Oval Karabiner

Maximum Load: 25kN
Gate open size: 18mm
£3.99 excl vat

SAR 18mm Twin Eyed Sling - 10cm

Length: 10cm
Type: Twin
£4.00 excl vat

SAR 18mm Twin Eyed Sling - 15cm

Length: 15cm
Type: Twin
£4.08 excl vat

SAR 18mm Twin Eyed Sling - 20cm

Length: 20cm
Type: Twin
£4.08 excl vat

SAR 18mm Circular Slings

Length: 120-480cm
£4.13 excl vat

SAR 18mm Twin Eyed Sling - 30cm

Length: 30cm
Type: Twin
£4.28 excl vat

SAR 18mm Twin Eyed Sling - 60cm

Length: 60cm
Type: Twin
£5.13 excl vat

SAR Water Rescue Slings

Safety Tape or Snake Sling
Width: 18-25mm
£6.16 excl vat

SAR 25mm Circular Slings

Length: 120-480cm Hi-Vis Reflective Options Available
£6.45 excl vat

Sar M0001 Delta Mild Steel Galvanised Maillon

Maximum Load: 45kN
Gate open size: 12mm
£8.03 excl vat

Sar M0009 Pear Mild Steel Galvanised Maillon

Maximum Load: 36kN
Gate open size: 20.5mm
£8.05 excl vat

SAR Personal Positioning Sling (PP Sling)

Rated load 24kN
High grade polyester webbing
£8.43 excl vat

SAR Anchor Strop

Length: 50cm - 2m Rated load 40kN
£8.73 excl vat

Sar M0006 Mild Steel Galvanised Dee Maillon Connector

Maximum Load: 45kN
Gate Opening Size: 11mm
£8.93 excl vat

SAR Link Sling

Length: 15-20cm
£8.94 excl vat

SAR Wire Anchor Strop

Galvanized or Stainless Steel Wire
Length: 0.5-4m
£12.13 excl vat

SAR K0005B Anodized Black Klet Karabiner Connector

Maximum Load: 30kN
Gate open size: 26mm
£13.65 excl vat

SAR Standard Low Stretch Rope

Available Lengths: 10 - 190m
Type: Rope
From £14.80 excl vat

SAR Adjustable Webbing Lanyard

Lanyard Length: 1-2.5m
High Grade 25mm Polyester Webbing
£15.03 excl vat

SAR Equipment Pouches

Available in 3 sizes
Type: Pouches
£17.08 excl vat

Sar K0004 Triple Action Klet

Maximum load: 30kN
Gate Open Size: 26mm
£17.13 excl vat

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