Sar Kestrel H0043STDQC Four Point Quick Connect Harness

4pt Full Body Harness
Type: Positioning
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Sar Kestral - four point quick connect harness

 This Sar Kestral Four Point quick connect full body harness has both front and back attachment points, and also side D-rings that can be utilised for work positioning uses – these can be quickly and easily folded back when not required for use, therefore reducing the risk of catching.

(SAR would recommend the front attachment be used for fall arrest and the back attachment for restraint.

The reason for this is to help reduce the possibility of suspension trauma if involved in a fall and help prevent being suspended for a time before rescue.

The front gives the user more options to escape the system and reduce the pressures of the harness, and, if unconscious, helps to keep the air way open for breathing.)

Fitting on this Sar Kestrel harness is of the open wrap around variety, but it can also be left fastened at the chest/sternum connection to give an even faster fitment.

High grade polyester is used for the webbing, which provides extra strength, high abrasion resistance and great resistance to UV degradation.

Two square link buckles are used to form the shoulder adjuster buckles. This means that they do not slip during everyday usage and any excess web can be folded back down through the buckle to be kept out of the way of the worker.

A standard square link and twin slot buckling system is used for the leg connection – a heavy duty elastic tidy is provided for any excess webbing to be captivated for reduced catching risks and to keep any excess out of the user’s way.

This is a popular, hard-wearing full body harness that is useful in plenty of applications that involve working at height.

Standards: EN361, EN358.




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